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Great news: a brand new Halloween event is coming to California’s Great America theme park in Santa Clara, CA!  Tricks and Treats is a brand new event with family-friendly Halloween fun.  And it is almost here, since it begins on September 23, 2022.  It will run on select dates through October 30, 2022.

Tricks and Treats should be a great seasonal event with lots of fun things to do.

Land of Tricks

Lands of Tricks has spooky, weird, strange, gross, and slimy adventures.  They have two realms: Ickyville and Spooky Spires.

Land of Treats

On the sweeter side is Land of Treats.  They have charming boulevards with a nostalgic, cozy fall festival feel.  Their two festive areas are Sweet Tooth Acres and Everfall.


A lot of California’s Great America’s most popular rides are also open during Tricks and Treats.  So not only do you get to celebrate Halloween.  But you’ll have fun riding your favorite rides again.  Rides open include thrilling roller coasters and family Planet Snoopy rides.

Halloween Activities

Each land has a great share of fun Halloween activities.  There are games at Skeletons of Fun Midway Games.  DJs playing great songs you can dance to.  You can take home some great souvenirs.  And there is even a Halloween costume contest.  Yes, guests are encouraged to attend the event in full costume!  There is even a Trick and Treat Trail.

Here are some of the other activities:

  • Gorgeous Gourds: Pumpkin decorating
  • Wagon-Along Story Stroll: A self-operated family wagon experience through pumpkins and haybales
  • Kindness Rocks: Color a rock, write an encouraging fall-themed message on it, and then it can become part of a great display
  • Pick Your Pop Stand: Pick out a lollipop – some you can just enjoy as is, but others have an extra delight in store
  • Mask Makers Mash: Make a mask that can complete your Halloween costume
  • Frame Worthy Frights: A paint-by-numbers mural activity
  • Beanboozled: Spin a Wheel of Beans – and hope you don’t get a terrible flavor! And if you do, see if you can eat the candy without spitting it out!

Halloween Entertainment

There’s also a lot of great live entertainment at this event.

Main Stage

  • The Incantation: Ring in the arrival of Halloween as evening approaches with California’s Great America characters.  You’ll help them bring Patch the Pumpkin Pail to life
  • Good Nightmares: Simple, fun, high-energy entertainment that takes place at the end of the day
  • Costume Council: A Halloween take on popular shows like Drag Race and Pose

Everfall (in Land of Treats)

  • Bonfire Tales: Storytime with Halloween stories that aren’t too spooky.  Involves audience participation
  • The Great Craft Off: A “Great British Bake Off” inspired show
  • Forest Friends Marionettes: A marionette show with a mischievous squirrel and& an autumn tree
  • The Harvest Duet: Acoustic covers of songs with an autumn feel

Sweet Tooth Acres (in Land of Treats)

  • The Fun-Sized Four: A quarter singing a-cappella style pop hits
  • The Candy Horns: A roaming brass band

Ickyville (in Land of Tricks)

  • The Gross Out Gauntlet: Enjoy fun interactive games like a version of hangman where the Host’s zombified body gets bloodlessly torn apart, a “Would You Rather” game where you and a friend or family member can be part of the show and take turns choosing between disgusting options, and a raucous version of Musical Chairs
  • The Snots: This is an all-zombie band with punk-parodies of popular songs like:
    • “Uptown Gunk” instead of “Uptown Funk”
    • “Blurred Slimes” instead of “Blurred Lines”
    • “Plate of Goo” instead of “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran
  • The Clean Up Crew: Watch the Clean Up Crew struggle to clean up after the monsters of Ickyville
  • Creature Features: You can find these monsters all over Ickeyville, including on benches and the queuing area for rides!

Spooky Spires (in Land of Tricks)

  • The Spectral Sisters: An Andrew Sisters-esque musical act with New Orleans jazz arrangements of “gallows humor” songs
  • Disco Crypt Yard: A silent disco attraction


They also have a lot of delicious fall and Halloween foods.

Everfall (in Land of Treats)

Maggie Brown’s Fried Chicken

  • Farmer’s Harvest: Local breaded squashes with tarragon and dill ranch
  • From the Land: Roasted chicken pot pie with biscuit topping

Food Festival

  • Pumpkin Swirl: Pumpkin buns individually baked with spiced icing

South Bay Cantina

  • Sabor del Otoño (Taste of the Fall): Birria, which is a traditional fall dish of Mexico of slow-cooked beef, rice, cheese, avocado & pickled onions

Sweet Tooth Acres (in Land of Treats)

Orleans Candy Kitchen

  • Follow the Trail Mix: Fall trail mix, popcorn, candy corn, spiced nuts, chocolate chips, pretzels & Craisins
  • Trick or Treat Dessert: Layered with cookie crumbs, cheesecake filling, peanut butter cups, M&M’s and chopped nuts
  • Witch Krispy Treat – Rice Krispies dipped in green chocolate with black & orange sprinkles

Food Festival

  • Candied Bacon: Rolled bacon on a stick dusted in sugar and baked

Ickyville (in Land of Tricks)

Pizza Orleans

  • Bandaged Fingers: Hot dogs wrapped in puff dough with barbecue sauce

French Quarter Funnel Cake

  • Blood Bag Empanada: Empanada stuffed with tomato sauce, cheese and sausage
  • Worms in Dirt Funnel Cake: Chocolate funnel cake topped with raspberry preserve, cookies & cream frosting and gummy worms

Orleans Candy Kitchen

  • The Q-Tip: Marshmallow on a stick dipped in chocolate, rolled in graham cracker & drizzled with caramel

Spooky Spires (in Land of Tricks)

French Quarter Funnel Cake

  • Bride of Frank’s Ice Cream: Swirled black and white ice cream cone
  • Fritters from the Black Lagoon: Seafood fritters with remoulade sauce

South Bay Cantina

  • The Count’s Cooking: Spicy bean chili with cheddar cornbread

American Cafe

  • Monster Theater: TV dinner with meatloaf, potatoes and corn, served in TV dinner tray


There are also a lot of drinks at Tricks and Treats, too.

  • Zombie Juice: Granny Smith apple syrup, pineapple juice, Minute Maid lemonade & Sabe vodka
  • Blood Bag A Positive: Sabe vodka, pineapple juice, cranberry & grenadine
  • Pixie Potion: Minute Maid lemonade with blue raspberry, green apple & edible glitter
  • Black Magic Mist – Frighteningly refreshing hibiscus cursed with cranberry juice and topped with a black Sabe vodka floater and a mixed berry infused aroma bubble
  • Spiced Cider: Apple cider infused with cinnamon, cloves, allspice, ginger & simmered to perfection
    • You can “bewitch it” with Sabe fiery cinnamon whiskey
  • Hocus Pocus: Fanta Orange and essence of black cherry with gummy worm garnish
    • You can “bewitch it” with Sabe vodka
  • I Vant to Drink Your Blood: Minute Maid lemonade with strawberry
    • You can “bewitch it” with Sabe vodka

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