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Joypolis in Tokyo is one of the largest indoor amusement parks in Japan. Enjoy thrill rides, Virtual Reality, horror experiences and so much more.

Joypolis Attractions

Joypolis attractions include

Tower Tag

Defeat your rival soaring the skies of countless towers in a VR shooting game field.

House of the Dead – Scarlett Down

This is a shooting, ride and theater type attraction with seat moving and surround sound. You’ll shoot creatures.

Sonic Athletics

Challenge the track & field athletics. A maximum of 8 people can join the race.

Transformers Human Alliance Special

Team up with the heroes from the Transformers series. Slide back and forth, left to right and spin 360 degrees in a shooting battle attraction.

Storm G

The sled ride from the future makes you makes you experience high speed. The more you spin, the faster it gets.

Gekian Live Coaster

This is the first coaster attraction in the world that lets you control the ride with music in a rhythm game.

Halfpipe Tokyo – Joypolis #1 attraction

Cooperative play of 2 people is the key. You can score by making full use of rotation techniques on this 360 degree ride.

Pirate’s Plunder

This is a Shooting Theater attraction. Aim at the targets that appear on a huge screen and compete for high scores with others.

The Joypolis Explorer

Use the emblem analyzer to unravel the secret of ancient documents. Collect the hidden emblems and open the door to hidden treasure. If you successfully open the door, they’ll take a picture of you inside the treasure box and give it to you as a souvenir.

Spicy Taxi

Go bounty hunting in a Thai taxi “tuktuk.” Enjoy an over 360 degree spin and doing a wheelie.

Ace Attorney in Joypolis

You can role play “the investigation” as the hero “Phoenix Wright” from the popular video game “Ace Attorney.” Enjoy this mystery solving attraction.

Fortune Forest

Foresee your fate with a divination tune in a peaceful forest with Scandanavian myth motifs.

Attack on Titan THE ATTRACTION

This is an overwhelming immersive feeling using sound, lighting and special effects gimmicks. The stage changes depending on your choices.

Mystic Mansion – Tale of Pandemonium – A 3D Theatre

This is a Japanese style horror attraction with the monsters from Ukiyoe.

Murder Lodge

Have a horror experience that gives you chills in a dark lodge.

Wild Wing

This is the ultimate flight experience that goes beyond reality. Board a glider and experience acrobatic flight tricks.

Wild Jungle Brothers

Blaze through an uncharted jungle on an all terrain vehicle adventure.

Wild River The Treasure Hunt

Go treasure hunting while river rafting. Get spills on a thrilling and screaming adventure ride.

SADAKO – The Curse Psychic Manor

This is a horror walk through attraction where you go through by yourself. Can you bear the fear?

Joypolis Sugoroku

Go around Tokyo Joypolis with the siblings of “Osomatsussin” in this migratory type of sugoroku attraction.

The Sonic Carnival has exciting games the whole family can enjoy. There are spots where you can take commemorative photos with Sonic.

The Print Sticker is similar to a photo booth. Take your picture in the machine and then make stickers of your pictures.

There is an arcade where you can enjoy video games and arcade machines. The newest game is “The House Of The Dead” from the long running zombie shooter series.

And if all this fun gives you an appetite, Joypolis has you covered with 4 very different eateries. There is also the JP Store where you can purchase souvenirs.

Get a Tokyo Joypolis Passport that will give you access to thrilling rides, including 3D attractions, and over 20 games. This will give you unlimited readmission to the park during the day. And you’ll never have to worry about bad weather in this indoor park.

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Hotels Near Joypolis Tokyo

If you’d like to go to Joypolis and are wondering where a great place to stay would be, you should consider the following hotels. These hotels are close to Joypolis and have discounted rates.

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  • Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel 40% Discount
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  • BAY HOTEL Tokyo Hamamatsucho 29% Discount
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  • InterContinental Tokyo Bay, an IHG Hotel 15% Discount
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  • The Prince Park Tower Tokyo 11% Discount
  • Super Hotel Shinagawa Shimbamba 10% Discount
  • Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Ariake 10% Discount
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  • The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo, an IHG Hotel 6% Discount
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  • Hearton Hotel Higashishinagawa 5% Discount