Discounted admission to Elitch Gardens in Denver, CO, including water park

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Looking for a theme park with family rides and roller coasters?  Or are you looking for a water park in Denver, Colorado?  Then come to the place where you can get both in one.  And that place is Elitch Gardens.

Elitch Gardens has been around in some way shape or form since 1890.  It is a fun and entertaining place to visit in the spring and summer.

I’ll tell you about some of the park’s attractions.  And then I’ll tell you how you can save money on your tickets!

Tower of Doom

Get Rocky Mountain high when you go up to the top of the Tower of Doom.  And then plunge 200 feet to the ground at 60 miles per hour!

Jumping Jack

This is a miniature free-fall ride – think of it as the kid’s version of Tower of Doom.

Hollywood & Vine

In this attraction, you sit in a car and spin faster and faster!

Brain Drain

This is a 7-story steel looping thrill ride.  You go forwards, backward, and head-over-heels in a 360° revolution.


This steel coaster takes you to a land down under as you move forwards, backward, and through vertical loops, turns, and twists.  And you do all of this at speeds of more than fifty miles per hour!

Star Flyer

Star Flyer is an extreme swing ride and is one of the tallest rides in all of Colorado.  Guests sit two across in their swing which ascends to the top of a 17-story tower while you fly round and round.

Shipwreck Falls

This ride plunges you over a 50-foot waterfall into a tidal wave splash.


This ride finds you getting caught in a web of scary, twisting spider legs.

Rockin’ Tug

Get in a boat replica that swings you back and forth, simulating the gentle motion of ocean waves.

Blazin’ Buckaroo

This 360-foot steel ride is perfect for families wanting to enjoy a roller coaster together.  Speeds get no faster than 15 miles per hour so kids (and more scaredy-cat adults like myself) can enjoy it, too.

Tea Cups

Tea Cups is a class spinning teacup ride that is great for families.


This is a teacup ride aimed at kids.

Sea Dragon

Board a giant Viking ship, which swings to and fro.


Troika is a ride where your vehicle flies through the air and glides up, down, and around.

Mike’s Bikes

Mike’s Bikes is a mini motorcycle ride for kids where they can feel they are riding on the open road.

Sunflower Swings

Sunflower Swings is a swing ride for children.

Mouse House

Mouse House is a bumper ride attraction for children.

E.G. Express

This is a mini-train ride for kids.

Ding Dong Dock

This is a boat ride for kids.

Tube Top

Tube Top is an award-winning water park slide.  You get drenched when you splash into 4,000 gallons of water after you ride the top in a clover-leaf tube with your family or friends.  You’ll spiral, twist and swirl in this totally-enclosed water funnel slide.

Barefootin’ Bay S.S. Sea Witch

Six children’s slides ending in a zero-depth landing are at the theme park’s pirate ship.  Other fun activities at Barefootin” Bay are mini slides, sprayers, and a big tipping bucket.


Your vehicle in this attraction is a water tube that accommodates up to four people.  Your tube goes down a six-story water slide.

First, you’ll go through a curved chute.  Then your tube goes into a swirling 24-foot bowl.  And then there is the unexpectant drop of 57 feet.  After that, your tube goes up into a massive four-story-high tornado wave. The ride culminates with an exhilarating splashdown.


Splashdown is a 75-foot tall family raft ride with twists and turns.

Commotion Ocean

Commotion Ocean is a giant wave pool that is great for body surfing or just relaxing and cooling off in the summer sun.

Castaway Creek

Ever heard of a lazy river?  Well, Castaway Creek is an action river!  It’s filled with geysers, waterfalls, and water bubbles.

Mega Wedgie (Ultimate)

Do you have the need?  The need for speed?  Then you should try this 62-foot speed slide!


This is a two-rider, high-energy, high-capacity tubing bowl ride.

Mega Wedgie (Epic)

This is a 65-foot tall high speed free-fall slide.


Gangplanks are two river-run tubes that slide you down to the water below.

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Please note that the water park will not open until Memorial Day weekend.