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Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark

This summer, why don’t you escape the Texas heat by heading to Texas’ largest indoor waterpark?  This waterpark is Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark, located in Grand Prairie, Texas in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  And there is so much to do there that your whole family can enjoy!

Water Park Attractions

There are lots of great rides, slides, and pools at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark!

Lasso Loop

Lasso Loop is a special ride because it is the tallest indoor AquaLoop in the United States!

You’ll start this ride in a launch capsule.  Then a trap door will open, you’ll freefall and then race around a 360-degree loop.

Yellowjacket Drop

Yellowjacket Drop is another special ride because it is the indoor combination of the Constrictor and Boomerango rides.  It’s a tube ride where you will be thrust high up onto a wall which will give you a feeling of zero gravity!  And then at the end you will get a great mega drop!


Aquanaut is yet another reason to attend Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark.  And that’s because it is the first indoor double rider AquaSphere inner tube ride out there!

Rio Grand

Rio Grand has the distinction of being the longest indoor action river in all of Texas!  It’s a neat experience where at times you’re floating down tranquil water and at time you’ll experince fun waves!


Texastwist is a body slide ride with a lot of twists (as the name implies) and turns.  It has the distinction of being the longest slide at Epic Waters.

Prairie Plunge

Prairie Plunge is another body slide.  It is an enclosed body slide that is known for its open 50’ drop.


FlowRider is a really special attraction.  That is because you will learn from Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark’s staff how to boogie board or stand up on a wave!


This is the perfect ride for those of us who are competitive!  E-Racers consists of side-by-side slides.  You will race down them on a mat and see who can reach the finish line first!

Rascal’s Roundup

Looking for an attraction the youngest children will enjoy?  Then head to Rascal’s Roundup!  Your child will love the aquatic fort full of sprinklers, geysers, and slides.  There is even a 300-gallon tipping bucket that drenches everyone!

The Swimming Hole

The Swimming Hole is a great pool the whole family can enjoy.  There are even water basketball hoops there so you can enjoy a game of basketball in the water!

The Wavepool

The Wavepool is a seasonal outdoor pool that will make you feel like you are at the beach.  You can grab a tube and enjoy the waves.  Or you can relax in the outdoor seating.


Looking for some dry fun?  You can enjoy the 4,000 square foot arcade room at Epic Waters.  They have a great mix of state-of-the-art, modern, and classic games.


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