Discounted Splash Pass for WhoaZone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

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WhoaZone in Grapevine, Texas

WhoaZone in Grapevine, Texas is a truly epic family fun destination.  Like, seriously.  It appeared on the Travel Channel as one of the world’s most epic floating water parks.

So what exactly goes on at a floating water park?  Only some of the best water obstacles you can think of!  If you like the TV show Wipeout, then you will love this!

In addition to water obstacles, there are also beach amenities.  You can enjoy a game of beach volleyball.  Or rent an umbrella and chair and relax.

So WhoaZone makes a wonderful day out for the family.  It is a must-do attraction if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Obstacle Courses

As I said, there are lots of obstacle courses throughout WhoaZone.  They range from low-intensity floats to challenging, tough obstacles.  I’ll go over the top attractions here.

Trampoline 4

At the heart of WhoaZone lies Trampoline 4.  It connects routes in all kinds of directions.  And, as you would expect with a Trampoline, it is a lot of fun to jump on!


One of the reasons WhoaZone is so epic has got to be because of the Rock.  After all, it has 3 integrated slides & 5 jumping platforms of different heights.


Skaters will appreciate the Halfpipe attraction.  It is shaped like a halfpipe you would see used by skateboarders or snowboarders.  And at WhoaZone, you can do your own simple tricks and jumps on the Halfpipe.


Have you ever wanted to jump off of something that is really high up?  Then Springboard is for you!  Its semi-circle step makes walking up Springboard much easier.   And there are multiple heights that you can jump off from.

Monkey Bars

The Monkey Bars at WhoaZone are a lot of fun.  You get to swing and dangle from handles like you would at a playground.  But unlike at a regular playground, these handles are perched over open water!


Target is a round, wheel-shaped attraction that resembles a pizza.  You can run over the spokes.  You can go over or under the obstacles.  Or you can play tag on this wheel.  No matter what you choose, though, you should have a lot of fun!


Dome is like a bounce house, but the inflatable is shaped like a dome that you can jump off of.  Challenge yourself and others to see who can jump the farthest, the highest, or in the most interesting way.

High Roller

High Roller is a slippery attraction that may be difficult to navigate, but it is also a lot of fun!  Run, climb, and crawl your way through this attraction.


Cliff is an obstacle that you’ll need to use your strength and agility to get past.

The Hurdle

The Hurdle is another great obstacle course that you can go over, go under, or run to the top.  It also makes a wonderful photo opportunity.

Balance Beam

See if you can keep your balance as you walk across WhoaZone’s Balance Beam.

Wiggle Bridge

Another attraction that requires great balance is the Wiggle Bridge.  You will challenge your strength, agility, and speed on this attraction.

Action Tower XXL

Test your endurance on Action Tower XXL.  Crawl, jump and slide through this attraction.


Roundabout is a circular speedway.  It leads to other attractions and makes a great meeting point.

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