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Rapids Water Park

Rapids Water Park in Riviera Beach is the largest waterpark in South Florida.  Its 30-acres of waterpark fun includes over 42 slides and attractions.  We’ll go over these rides & attractions today.  We’ll also tell how you to get a coupon to save you money on admission.


Big Thunder

This is a four-person thrilling raft ride.  You’ll take sharp turns through the dark tunnel.  You’ll then accelerate to 20 miles per hour into an immense tunnel.  Your raft will then propelled to the opposite of the funnel so you’ll experience a momentary Zero-G experience.

Black Thunder

Black Thunder is a 2-person raft ride.  You and a friend will be taken through twists and turns into total darkness.  After that, you’ll be dropped into a dark vortex funnel.

Brain Drain

Brain Drain is definitely for the bravest!  You’ll start by entering a launch capsule.  Then you’ll stand on a trap door.  The floor then suddenly drops out beneath you and then you’ll experience a freefall.  You’ll accelerate to top speeds of up to thirty-five miles per hour through a near-vertical chute.  Afrer that, you’ll spiral through a loop.  And did I mention that the Brain Drain is 70-feet high?  Because I kind of think I need to mention this.  Just saying.

Pirates Plunge

Pirates Plunge is also a ride that was definitely made for thrill-seekers!  The Pirates Plunge attraction consists of two side-by-side enclosed body slides (otherwise known as Lightning and Plunder).  What’s cool about the two slides is that they each have different dips and curves so you can ride one and then the other and get a different experience.  But what they do have in common is a 7-story drop.

Rapids Racer

Do you like competition?  Then Rapids Racer may quickly become your favorite ride!  This is because it consists of six side-by-side slides and you can race the other riders!  You’ll slide headfirst and try to finish the race first.  You’ll even see your scores on the scoreboard!  This is a really special ride for Rapids Waterpark, too.  It was actually named the Best Ride in 2011 by both the World Waterpark Association (WWA) & the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA).


So you think not being on the beach means you can’t experience body boarding?  Think again!  At Rapids Waterpark, you can try the FlowRider machine! What’s great about FlowRider is that it produces a continuous, simulated wave system.  This is really an ideal way if you want to learn to bodyboard or are new to bodyboarding.  But it’s fun for experienced bodyboarders, too!

Big Surf

There are 6 different wave patterns in the 25,000 square foot wave pool at Rapids Water Park.  These waves can get to up to 6 feet high and make for a really fun attraction!

Lazy River

Rapids Water Park has a quarter-mile lazy river that makes for a relaxing ride.  And this is not just a standard lazy river, either.  There are shooting cannons, a wave channel, aquatic mists, fountain islands a cascading waterfall that you will float past.

Riptide Raftin

Riptide Raftin is a popular family raft ride where you’ll travel through a 10-ft wide flume.  You’ll experience 500 feet of twists & turns, raging white water, and three water walls.

Raging Rapids

Raging Rapids is a multi-person raft ride that’s great for the whole family.  You’ll experience loops, drops & dips in this enclosed flume ride.  It ends with a huge splashdown!

Tubin Tornadoes

Tubin Tornadoes is a fun tube ride.  You’ll start by traveling in the dark at the speed of light.  It involves 360-degree loops and back-to-back turns.  Then you’ll end the ride with a cool splash landing!

Baby Blue

Baby Blue is a single-rider, tubeless ride.  You’ll begin in an enclosed dark chute.  Then you’ll enter the bowl at full speed.  You’ll experience numerous high speed spins around the perimeter.  After that, you’ll exit the center of the bowl into a splash drop landing.

Big Red

You can ride Big Red as a single or double rider.  It’s a tube ride that starts in an enclosed dark chute.  Then you’ll enter the bowl of the ride at full speeds.  You’ll experience multiple fast spins around the outer perimeter.  A gradual deceleration will then move you towards the exit at the center of the bowl.

Body Blasters

This wild slide involves you riding through 1,000 feet on an enclosed flume.  No tubes or mats needed!

Old Yellar

Old Yellar were the 4 flumes that have been there since the beginning of Rapids Water Park!  They involve 1,600 feet of twists & turns.  Each slide has a different experience.  You will enjoy this classic ride that is still a Rapids Water Park favorite!

Alligator Alley

Use the ropes above you to help you walk along the (thankfully fake) alligators below you.  You’ll see if you can do that without falling in the water!

Criss Crossing

If you enjoyed Alligator Alley, you’ll also enjoy Cris Crossing.  This time, you’ll want to try to make your way crossing above floating fruit and iceburgs.

Splash Hill

Splash Hill has 8 colorful slides available for all ages.  There are both enclosed and open slides here.

Splish Splash Lagoon

This is a great area for the younger children.  Here there are three slides, water shooting cannons, a fort, a shipwreck, floating swamp animals and more!

Barefootin Bay

Barefootin Bay is the newest attraction at Rapids Water Park – and in no time, it may become your child’s favorite!  It’s a fun water play structure with great interactive features like water sprayers.  There are also three slides.  And don’t forget about the giant Pineapple tipping bucket that will keep the kids cool this summer!

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