How to save money when visiting Worlds of Fun a Kansas City amusement park

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A summer vacation in Kansas City, Missouri can’t be complete without a visit to Worlds of Fun, the amazing KC theme park that has been entertaining families since 1973!

This great theme park has so many fun rides and attractions that make it an appealing place to visit.

For all you thrill seekers out there, Worlds of Fun has a lot of great attractions:

  • Mamba, the tallest and most iconic roller coaster at Worlds of Fun
  • Patriot, a roller coaster where you’ll go as fast as 65 miles an hour and go through a series of 4 inversions
  • Boomerang, a thrilling roller coaster ride that spins you upside down
  • Prowler, a wooden roller coaster that was named the best new ride in the world by Amusement Today in 2009
  • Timber Wolf, the first wooden roller coaster in Worlds of Fun that also received top accolades as the best wooden roller coaster for over eight years
  • Cyclone Sams, where you feel like you’re in the vortex of a storm in a twisting adventure complete with video simulation, special effects and creative theming
  • Fury of the Nile, a fun whitewater rafting ride
  • SteelHawk, where you can soar 301 feet in the air in a suspended seat with no floor below you
  • Detonator, a 2-towered thrill ride where you rocket towards the sky
  • Falcon’s Flight, one of Worlds of Fun’s newer rides which has 28 two-seater gondolas that spin riders one hundred feet above the ground
  • RipCord, a Skycoaster attraction where you can experience a 189-foot tethered free-fall
  • Zulu, a high-speed circular ride that raises to a 90-degree angle
  • Bamboozler, a high-speed circular spinning thrill ride
  • Spinning Dragons, a great family roller coaster that reaches a speed of 30 miles (making it better for family members who are still getting used to roller coasters, but thrilling nonetheless)

There are also other great rides for families, too, that are not as wild (but still incredibly fun!):

  • Viking Voyager, a classic flume ride that is one of Worlds of Fun’s opening day rides
  • Mustang Runner, a ride new to Worlds of Fun in 2017 where guests in 2-person cars are rotated in the air clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Sea Dragon, where riders in a 10-row boat are swung up to heights of 55 feet
  • Scrambler, where 2-passenger cars spin around a fast-paced circular ride
  • Fjord Fjarlane, a high-speed circular ride with 2-person gondolas
  • Flying Dutchman, a high-speed circular ride where guests ride in boat-shaped cars
  • Le TaxiTour, where you can operate one of the 4-person replicas of antique taxis
  • Nordic Chaser, where your mini ship will rotate around a circuit
  • The Grand Carousel, an iconic class ride with jumping horses and chariots
  • Skyliner, a 60-foot Ferris Wheel
  • Autobahn, a fun bumper car ride
  • Worlds of Fun Railroad, a fully functioning replica of the great steam engines from the turn of the century

There are also great rides for the youngest guests at Planet Snoopy, a Peanuts-themed section with children rides:

  • Snoopy vs. Red Baron, an iconic ride where kids can fly around in a biplane with Snoopy
  • Cosmic Coaster, a great children’s roller coaster
  • Linus’ Launcher, a ride where guests are turned, elevated and slanted while they face down on the ride
  • Beagle Brigade Airfield, where guests can fly in colorful airplane-shaped trams
  • Flying Ace Balloon Race, where children and parents can soar 40 feet in their own balloon
  • Woodstock Whirlybirds, where children can spin their nest around with the steering wheel in the middle
  • PEANUTS 500, a ride where kids and their parents can ride around in their own race car!
  • Sally’s Swing Set, where families can swing together 17 feet towards the sky
  • Charlie Brown’s Swing Ride, where guests are gently spun on swings
  • Snoopy’s Rocket Express, a great ride where you ride along in your own rocket and get great aerial views of Planet Snoopy
  • Camp Bus, where guests who enter the bus experience fun as the bus goes up, down and all around!
  • PEANUTS Road Rally, where families can enjoy cruising around Planet Snoopy in a super-sized monster truck
  • Kite Eating Tree, where kids are gently bounced 20 feet in the air
  • Woodstock Gliders, where children can control their own flight with the ride’s movable wings
  • PEANUTS Turn Tyke, a circular ride where children are able to drive their own car
  • Linus’ Beetle Bugs, where children are bounced along in a colorful beetle
  • Lucy’s Tugboat where children & adults can both enjoy “riding the waves” on Lucy’s tugboat
  • Snoopy’s Yacht Club, where children ride their boats along a circular “open seas”
  • Snoopy’s Space Buggies, where children bounce up in down in an outer space ride
  • Snoopy’s Junction, a children’s train ride with Snoopy as the conductor
  • Pigpen’s Petting Farm, a great petting zoo with amazing animals like llamas, goats, rabbits & more.

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