Get a chicken kabob over a Greek Salad at Lakeside Grill a new restaurant at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

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I am excited by all the new dining options at SeaWorld Orlando.  When my family visited SeaWorld a few months ago, we got to try the new Altitude Burger restaurant.  You can read our review of that restaurant here.  But my family was lucky enough to again visit SeaWorld this past week.  And now we got to try the brand new restaurant, Lakeside Grill!

Lakeside Grill is a restaurant towards the front of the park.  It’s located in the Waterfront area near the Sky Tower and the entrance to Oyster’s Secret.  It’s where the Spice Mill restaurant used to be.

Like Altitude Burger, eating at Lakeside Grill is part of the All-Day Dining Plan.  We go over why buying an All-Day Dining Plan is such a great deal here.

But back to Lakeside Grill!

Lakeside Grill Set-Up

So, one of my favorite things about Lakeside Grill is that you can eat inside.  You have no idea how important that is on a really hot day (which happened a lot last week!).  It can also be great on a cold day, which has happened when I have visited in January before.

But you don’t have to eat inside.  The restaurant also has great seating outside on the deck.  It is covered with and has fans so you can stay cool.  But you can also enjoy amazing views of the water.

Lakeside Grill SeaWorld Restaurant in Orlando Florida

But even though there is seating indoors, it is still a quick-service restaurant.  This means that before you eat, you can go through a line to order your food.

A picture of where you order and pick up your food at Lakeside Grill in SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, FL

Another thing I like about the set-up for Lakeside Grill is the decor.  They have great coastal decor.

Even the walls have coastal ocean decor at SeaWorld Orlando's Lakeside Grill

And the best part of the decor is the actual fish you can see inside the restaurant!

Watch fish while you eat at Lakeside Grill at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

I love that they have an aquarium inside the restaurant.  Fitting for SeaWorld, don’t you think?  And there’s something so peaceful about watching fish while you eat.

Lakeside Grill Food Review

So about that food you do eat.  Spoiler alert: it is delicious!

They have a Mediterranean-inspired menu full of delicious food.

One of the most exciting and unique entrees you can get here are the Kabobs!  You can get a Signature Kabob with grilled chicken or a steak skewer.  Or you can get a Greek Salad Kabob!  It comes with feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olive oil.  This is exactly what my mom ordered.

Get a chicken kabob over a Greek Salad at Lakeside Grill a new restaurant at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

She said it was absolutely delicious.  This is a great dish to get, and it is especially great to get it at a theme park when you normally have more “standard” food and not unique tasty dishes.

But I do know that the problem with unique dishes is that a lot of people may not like it.  But that’s okay.  Because there are other things on the menu.  They have fish sandwiches, turkey burgers, and regular burgers.  I ended up opting for a bacon cheeseburger.  Unfortunately, I got there late in the day and SeaWorld was really busy that day and they were out of bacon.  I ended up just having a plain burger with just the meat and the bun.  And I loved it!

Lakeside Grill is a Mediterranean inspired restaurant at SeaWorld Orlando that still has standard menu items like burgers and fries

The burger was cooked really well.  But my favorite part of the burger dish may have actually been the fries.  These may look like normal waffle Fries (which, you know, those are great, too).  But they are actually Parmesan Garlic Fries.  And I think they may have been the best waffle Fries I have ever eaten!  It’s worth it to go this restaurant for the Fries alone!

As you can see, more than one of us also ordered cheesecake.  And the cheesecake was delicious, too!

So we definitely recommend eating at this restaurant next time you go to SeaWorld Orlando!

Lakeside Grill Tips

Since this restaurant is new and so great, it is also quite popular.  So if you want to eat here, perhaps pick an offpeak time to go (like really early in the day for lunch or late in the day for lunch).  Or just be prepared to stand in line for awhile.

To save money on your meal here, we definitely recommend using the All Day Dining Plan.  This can cover your meal, drink, and dessert (like the cheesecake).  Once again, we go into the All Day Dining Plan in more detail here.

Entry into the Lakeside Grill is included in the cost of admission to SeaWorld.  You can find discounted tickets to SeaWorld here.