Discounted admission to Henderson, Nevada water park, Cowabunga Bay

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Cowabunga Bay Water Park

Let’s face it.  It can get hot in Las Vegas.  And when that happens, you’ll want to head to Cowabunga Bay.

Cowabunga Bay is a water park in Henderson, Nevada.  It has lots of thrilling rides, fun water slides, and more.

They are currently open and operating.  They are using top safety measures like frequent cleanings, reduced capacity, social distancing markers, health checks, etc.  Click here for more details on what’s new.


Cowabunga Bay has lots of great water park attractions.

Wild Surf

Wild Surf is a really great four-person raft ride on the world’s largest man-made wave.  It reaches heights of 60′ and you’ll go from side to side until the thrilling finale.

Beach Blanket Banzai

This is a four-rider raft ride.  It reaches a height of 60′.  It also features over 600 feet of 180 degree turns, side-winding s-curves, & drops at thrilling speeds.

Point Panic

Point Panic is a fully enclosed, pitch-black water slide with unique lighting features.

Zuma ZOOMa

Zuma ZOOMa is a thrill ride.  It has a “launch capsule” with a trap door that drops out from below.  From there, you drop instantly from 73 feet in the air into a high-speed 360-degree loop.

Surfin’ USA

Surfin’ USA is a six-lane mat slide race.


Surf-A-Go-Go is an inner tube ride.  Riders slide into two giant “rebound chambers” and once inside, they climb the walls, rebounding from side to side.  It ends with a splashdown finale.  It is truly a unique ride!


On Rock-A-Hoola, you go down a 300-foot long slide before you enter a giant bowl.  You’ll experience lots of revolutions before a thrilling splashdown.

Breaker 1-9

Breaker 1-9 is a high-speed, very thrilling water slide.

Surf-A-Rama Wave Pool

Surf-A-Rama Wave Pool is themed to a 1950’s Drive-In theater.  It has waves up to 4 feet high.  And at 35,000 square feet, it is one of the largest wave pools in Nevada.

Downhill Doggers

This is the water park’s kids-sized version of the Surfin’ USA attraction.  It features Four lanes and a splash-down finale.

Cowabunga Kids Cove

Cowabunga Kids Cove is an area of the water park designed for kids.  It consists of slides, splash areas, and a heated pool designed for kids and toddlers.  Life Jackets are available for free.  And there are lifeguards on duty at all times.


Squigglers is in Cowabunga Kids’ Cove.  They are twin 360 spin slides that are great for young kids.

Cowabunga River

Cowabunga River is a retro lazy river.  While you float along, you can look at huge surfboards, neat water features, and a groovy ’67 VW bug.

Boardwalk Bay

Boardwalk Bay is a relaxing pool with playful fountains.

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