Save money while eating at Universal Studios Florida by ordering a whole cheese pizza at Louie's Italian Restaurant in Orlando, FL

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Theme parks are generally known for fun rides and attractions, not their dining options.  So when we at Green Vacation Deals come across a restaurant that stands out, we have to tell you about it.  And that restaurant is Louie’s Italian Restaurant at the Universal Orlando Resort.

Louie’s Italian Restaurant

Louie’s Italian Restaurant is fittingly located in the New York City section of Universal Studios Florida theme park.  I say fittingly because the restaurant does a great job in my opinion of capturing an Italian restaurant in New York City.  I really did feel a bit of deja vu sitting in the restaurant to eating at an Italian restaurant in New York.  They do a great job capturing the atmosphere and feel.  The decor really adds, too.  I love the New York City pictures.

Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida has a wonderful New York City atmosphere

The New York City pictures help give Louie's Italian Restaurant at Universal Studios Florida a great authentic feel

Louie's Italian Restaurant at Universal Studios Florida gives guests the feeling they are in a New York City pizza place

I really like the location of this restaurant, too, because the New York Section is so close to the front of the park.  So if you have dinner here and then leave for the day, you are close to the exit.  It is also close to some top attractions at Universal Studios, like The Mummy ride, The Fast and the Furious ride, and the Transfomers ride.

Louie’s Italian Restaurant also has a lot of seating inside, which I like.  Not all theme park restaurants do.  And I like when there is seating inside.

First of all, it rains a lot in Florida and I do not like eating in the rain.  And most of the time in Orlando, it’s really hot so eating indoors helps cool you off.  And there are times in the winter when it can cold, and in those cases, it’s nice to step inside to warm up.

So you know I like the theming, restaurant set up, and the location.  But what about the most important part of the restaurant, which is the food and drinks?

Louie’s Italian Restaurant Menu Review

Louie’s Italian Restaurant serves, as you would guess from the title, Italian food.  They sell pizza, which is what my family had (more on that later).  But they also serve other Italian dishes as well.  This includes Meatball Subs, Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Spaghetti Bolognese, and Caesar Salads.

The restaurant also participates in the Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cup Refillable Program.  This means if you buy a Souvenir Cup anywhere in Universal Studios, you can keep getting it refilled at restaurants throughout Universal Studios.  This is what my family did that day.  We bought our refillable mugs that morning at Richter’s Burger Company.  They were special Mardi Gras mugs, which were perfect for the Mardi Gras celebration going on at Universal Studios right now.

Louie’s Italian Restaurant also serves alcoholic beverages to us adults.

Order Italian wine or beer with your meal at Louie's Italian Restaurant at Universal Studios Florida

They serve beer (Bud, Bud Light, Peroni, Sam Adams, Yuengling, and Moretti Italian Beer).  They also serve wine.  You can choose from Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Chianti, or Prosecco.  This obviously makes this restaurant more appealing to a lot of adults.

You can also get great desserts here.  They fittingly have a great selection of gelato ice cream.

Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida has a restaurant, Louie's Italian Restaurant, in their New York section that sells gelato

You can get it at Guido’s Gelato in the corner of the restaurant.

Universal Orlando's Louie's Italian Restaurant serves lots of flavors of gelato

This also makes the restaurant more appealing to me.

How to Order Food

Louie’s Italian Restaurant is a quick-service restaurant.  This means you get in line and you can choose your food.

Universal Studios Florida in Orlando has a great New York style Italian restaurant that serves delicious pizza

If you want pizza, you can choose just an individual slice.  This is a good idea if there are already slices out there.  Because it will save you time rather than buying a whole pizza.

But buying a whole pizza has a lot of advantages.  For starters, it saves you a lot of money.  You can buy a whole cheese pizza for just $36.99.  This can feed a family of four or five or even six people.  That is so much cheaper than buying individual meals.

How it worked is that I got in line and I ordered a whole cheese pizza.  Instead of giving me a whole pizza, I got a number.

Louie's Italian Restaurant at Universal Studios theme park is a quick service restaurant but they will make a whole pizza for you and bring it out to you

Food Review

We then sat down and waited for our pizza.  We had ordered breadsticks, too, which we could eat while we ate.  They were delicious and very soft.

Universal Orlando's Louie's Italian Restaurant serves great Italian food my family loved like these delicious breadsticks

The wait wasn’t too long before our pizza came.

Save money while eating at Universal Studios Florida by ordering a whole cheese pizza at Louie's Italian Restaurant in Orlando, FL

Now, if you are eager to go back to the parks, you might not want to wait for a pizza.  But an advantage to me of waiting for the pizza is that it was hot and fresh when we got it.  Sometimes when you order food from a quick-service restaurant at a theme park, the food they give you has been sitting out awhile and is cold.  So I really appreciate that it was warm and fresh.

But it was more than just fresh.  It was truly delicous.  Everyone in my family loved the pizza.  We like New York-style pizza but we can get picky about what is good or bad pizza.  But we thought this was definitely good pizza.  Even my dad liked it, and he much prefers pepperoni pizza to plain cheese pizza.


Louie’s Italian Restaurant is a great choice for a place to eat at Universal Studios Florida.  It fits its location in the New York City section.  It has a great selection of Italian foods, gelato, wine, and beer.  And they serve delicious pizza.  You can even save money by buying a whole pizza which you can get fresh.  So if you are looking for a great place to eat at Universal Studios, Louie’s Italian Restaurant is a great choice!

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