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Island H2O Live

Island H2O Live! is the newest water park in the Orlando, Florida area.  And it is a wonderful addition to Orlando’s wonderful family-friendly attractions!

This Kissimmee, Florida has a lot of attractions you might expect at a water park, such as slides, a lazy river, etc.   But there is a twist!

Cutting-Edge Technology

And that twist is the cutting-edge technology they utilize to make the experience even better.  Its the first water park to be themed completely around social media.  You can sync your wristband up with their app and then you can get some amazing photo & video moments for your social media accounts feeds while you continue to enjoy the water park!

Another way this park utilizes technology is with its point system.  Island H2O Live! is has games and experiences where you can earn points that get you water park store discounts.

Another really cool way they use technology is with the music selection.  You get to select your favorite songs from their mobile app.  That music is then streamed across the entire park!

So Island H2O Live! is a really cool new water park that you will want to add on to your activities next time you are in Orlando.


But the main reason you go to a water park is for fun attractions, right?  And Island H2O Live! sure has a lot of those!

Hashtag Heights

Gather your friends and family for this tube style ride.  You’ll go down a 494-foot slide that features a steep drop.  This is a zero-gravity style ride where you will feel weightless.  And then later you can relive the action with a video recording!

Profile Plunge

Profile Plunge is another tube style thrill ride.   You’ll experience surprising drops, turns, and wall sweeps on this 587-foot slide.  You’ll feel weightless on this zero-gravity ride.  And you can jam to our favorite playlist while you are on the ride!

Follow Me Falls

You and a friend or family member can ride together on Follow Me Falls.  Your tube will fall quickly and then you will ascend upon a vertical wall.  You’ll get an incredible weightless feeling before you come back down to earth.

Reload Rapids

Reload Rapids is a really cool ride.  You’ll go down a 314-foot slide on a tube.  There will be tight corners and high-banking turns along the way.  And you’ll be going from one enclosed tube to the next.  But the truly unique part of the ride is the on-ride technology.  The music and lights on the ride mean you’ll be having your own disco party during the ride!

The Downloader

The Downloader is another tube ride that you can ride by yourself or with a family member or friend.  The unique part of the Downloader is that you can play your own personal audio-visual playlist during the ride!  And it’s a great ride, too, with a 284-foot slide.

Live Streaming

This is a unique attraction because it is the only true video-embedded looping waterslide in the world.  You freefall through the trapdoor and then go down a 326-foot slide.  You’ll get to relive this rush with a video recording!

Drop Down

Drop Down is a 218-foot body slide.  Like Live Streaming, you freefall through a trapdoor.  And you can relive it over and over with the video recording!

Reply Racers

The fun thing about Reply Racers is that you not only get to go down a slide, but you can race your friends and family while doing so!  You’ll race down a 288-foot slide on your mat while other riders simultaneously slide down side-by-side slides.  And the person who goes down the ride the fastest gets bragging rights on your vacation!

Live! Lagoon

In the center of the action at Island H2O Live! is the Live! Lagoon.  The Live! Lagoon is a gorgeous pool with waves.

Pelican’s Paradise

Island H2O Live! isn’t just for us adults or teenagers or older kids.  A great attraction for the youngest kids is Pelican’s Paradise!  There are a lot of adventures to be had here and a lot of fun places for kids to splash around!

Candy Stripe Cove

And for kids a little bit older, there’s Candy Stripe Cove!  Candy Stripe Cove has a lot of fun, colorful slides that kids can enjoy.

Chat Creek

Want to just relax on your vacation?  Who could blame you?  I know where I like to head at water parks, and that is the lazy river!  And Island H2O Live! has a great one in Chat Creek.

Private Domain

Another great place for adults to go is the Private Domain.  It is an adults-only pool for those ages 21 years old and up.  It is a great place to just relax.

Level Up

Level Up is a whole area in Island H2O Live that is dedicated to sports fans.  Here you can do fun things like play basketball in the pool!

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