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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is considered by many to be the best seaside park in the world.  It is home to two National Historic Landmarks.  You can find both the 1911 Looff Carousel and the 1924 Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster here.  In fact, there are more than 35 rides & attractions at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  When you combine that with a beautiful mile-long beach, and, well, you have a place you are going to want to visit.  No trip to Santa Cruz, California could be complete without checking out these rides!


Giant Dipper

As I mentioned before, the Giant Dipper is a National Historic Landmark.  It is one of America’s top wooden coasters.

Looff Carousel

Looff Carousel, as I mentioned before, is also a National Historic Landmark.  This hand-carved merry-go-round has been around for over 100 years and continues to delight children year after year.

Cave Train

Cave Train has been a family favorite for many years.  It still features the same original 1961 cast of characters.  It is a glow-in-the-dark train ride that travels under the Boardwalk.

Haunted Castle

Haunted Castle is a spooky dark ride where you spiral down into the dark dungeon deep below the Boardwalk.  It is a ride the family can enjoy together.

Crazy Surf

Crazy Surf is an all-new ride where you can feel like you are catching a wave without getting wet!


Shockwave is another wild new ride.  You really get spun around on this fun ride!

Double Shot

Double Shot is 125′ tower thrill ride.  The best part about is that when you get up to the top, you get an amazing ocean view!

Logger’s Revenge

Logger’s Revenge is a classic flume ride where you get really wet on the final drop.  But unlike flume rides you might enjoy at a regular theme park, you get a panoramic ocean view on this ride from high above the park!


Typhoon is an adrenaline-filled thrill ride.  You get launched six stories above the Boardwalk and experience upside-down thrills.


Fireball is one of the most popular rides on the Boardwalk.  And it can make you really dizzy!  Its G-forces swing and spin riders around.

Sea Swings

Sea Swings is a swing ride where you get to go so high you’ll see Monterey Bay well below your feet.


Did you know that Undertow is the only spinning roller coaster in Northern California?  You will definitely want to experience this ride’s crazy turns and sudden drops!

Sky Glider

Sky Glider is a great way to get amazing views of the ocean and the amusement park.  You get to glide high up in the air in this family-friendly ride.

Ghost Blasters

Ghost Blasters is a fun, family-friendly ride where you can compete against family members or friends.  The goal is to blast pesky ghouls.


Cyclone is a circular ride where you get a centrifugal force equal to 3 times the force of gravity!

Sea Serpent

Sea Serpent is a friendly green sea monster-themed family roller coaster.  It makes a great first roller coaster for younger children.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship is a pirate-themed family ship ride that swings back and forth.

Cliff Hanger

This ride is really cool.  You get the feeling of hang gliding on the ride.  And you get to soar past the beach & over the Boardwalk while you enjoy this aerodynamic ride!


In this ride, you will experience thrills in darkness as you listen to the sound of pumped-up surf tunes.

Jet Copters

On Jet Copters, you get to ride your own jet around in a circle.  And that’s not all – you can pilot your jet to go up and down!

Twirlin’ Teacups

On this classic ride, you can spin your cup around on this family-friendly ride.


Kids and adults can enjoy Convoy together.  It’s a ride where kids can drive their own tractor truck!

Rock & Roll

You go side to side on this spinning ride while you listen to classic tunes!

Beach Swing

Beach Swing is a fun summer kid’s ride where riders can stretch their toes towards the sky.

Space Race

Space Race is a bumper car ride with an outer space theme.

Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps is another fun bumper car ride.

Bouncin’ Buggies

Bouncin’ Buggies is a bouncy kid’s ride on a sporty beach buggy.


Freefall is a ride kids can enjoy with adults.  It springs riders up and down during the ride.

Speed Boats

On Speed Boats, kids can be the captain of their own little boat!


Riptide is a circular ride that spins around.

Kiddie Cruzers

Kiddie Cruzers is a children’s ride where they can drive around in a vintage 1940s car.  They can choose from a classic woody, convertible, fire engine & more!


Tornado is a high voltage tea cup ride where you can spin faster and faster.

Sea Dragons

On this ride, kids – and their parents – can fly around on the back of a dragon!


Rock-O-Plane is a Ferris wheel where you ride in a cage and experience upside-down spins.


Kids can pretend they are race car drivers on this ride.


Tsunami is a ride with bright lights where you circle full speed ahead…and then you go backward!

Bulgy the Whale

Bulgy the Whale is a kid’s ride where children can get a ride on the back of the whale.


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