Coupon, promo code for SantaPark in Rovaniemi, Finland

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Do you ever wish Christmas was every day?  Well, you can get your wish when you visit SantaPark.  It’s an indoor amusement park in Rovaniemi, Finland where it is Christmas all year round.  And it’s such an amazing Christmas experience that it was voted the top Christmas destination in the world!

So what goes on at SantaPark?  I’ll tell you about all the attractions.  And then I’ll tell you how you can save money on your ticket!

Santa’s Office

What is SantaPark without Santa Claus?  Well, he’s not only there, but his office is there, too!  You can visit Santa at his office and tell him about your Christmas wishes.  You can get a photo with Santa, too!

Elf School

Just like Hogwarts is a school for wizards, Elf School is a school for elves!  Professor Elves teach you very important Elf secrets and skills.  You can find the Elf School underneath the giant Elfology book.

Elf Show

The Elf Show takes place on the SantaPark main stage three to four times every day.  The show is full of of acrobatics, magic, and humour.

Magic Train

Travel through the world of Christmas on the Magic Train!  This is suitable for all guests, young and old!

Post Office

The delivery of Christmas wish lists to Santa requires the services of a very special kind of elf.  These Post Elves can tell you all about it here – and help you deliver Christmas greetings to your loved ones!

Elf Workshop

Have you ever wondered what the Elf’s Workshop looked like?  Well, wonder no more!  Not only do you get to visit it but you can also visit Workshop Hut.  This is where the elves encourage guests to create their very own piece of Christmas art, which you can take home with you or hang on the hut’s walls.

Cross the Arctic Circle Underground

There’s only one place in the world where you can cross the Arctic Circle underground.  And that place is SantaPark!  You can step into the Ice Princess’ realm here – and even purchase a Crossing Diploma afterward!

Ice Gallery

While you are in the Ice Princess’ realm, you can come to the Ice Gallery to admire her ice sculptures and even sit on her icy throne.  You can also try a delicious drink that she serves from a real, handmade ice glass.  It is, of course, very cold here.  It’s always -10 celcius degrees there, but you will be able to borrow a warm and comfy coat by the Gallery entrance.

Mrs. Gingerbread’s Bakery

Have a cup of warm glögi and decorate your own gingerbread cookie at Mrs. Gingerbread’s Bakery.

Toy Factory Shopping Area

Learn about how the Elves prepare gifts at the Toy Factory Shopping Area.  You can also pick out great Christmas items & souvenirs here.

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