Learn what the best and worst food at the 2021 Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld Florida

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Anyone who reads this blog knows my family and I love food festivals and we love SeaWorld Orlando.  So it should come as no surprise to you that the second my vaccine kicked in, my family and I made our way to Orlando, Florida for the SeaWorld Orlando 2021 Seven Seas Food Festival.

We’ve been to this festival the last few years.  This festival was obviously different, and the menu isn’t as large.  But it still has a lot of great finds.  And it is totally worth the price of admission.  Especially because there are so many great deals.  Which I will get into later, but if you want to be spoiled, just click here.

Anyway, we’ll go over some of the best (and worst) part of the menus for this festival.  And by the way, this festival is included in the cost of admission to the theme park.  You can get it with a purchase of a single-day ticket, fun card, or an annual pass.  And you can get a great price for a ticket by clicking here.

Best Entree

The best menu item available at the Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

Our favorite main dish here is different from years past.  And it was a very good, pleasant surprise.  The dish we found was the best was an all new menu item.  And that dish was the Lobster, White Cheddar Kraft Mac N Cheese.

The Lobster, White Cheddar Kraft Mac N Cheese can be found in the fifth station, the All-American Market.  You can find it next to Voyager’s Smokehouse.

We really loved this dish.  The mac and cheese is delicious.  The lobster was great, but it didn’t overpower the dish.  At the same time, you could taste it and it was definitely there.  It was a delicious blend of flavors.

Best Side Dish

One of our favorite menu items at SeaWorld's Seven Seas Food Festival is from the Mediterranean Market

If you are looking for a great side dish at the SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival, there are a lot of great options.  But our favorite was the Goat Cheese Croquettes.  You can find the Goat Cheese Croquettes at the Mediterranean Market (station 13) in front of Nautilus Theater.

The Goat Cheese Croquettes were delicious!  The cheese was great and it was perfectly cooked.  My mom asked for the honey on the side because she doesn’t have a sweet tooth and they added it, but she loved it anyway, it was that good!  The only potential negative is that the cheese could be a bit messy, but otherwise, this is a great choice.

Best Place to Get Desserts

SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida has a Seven Seas Food Festival this spring 2021. Find out where to get the best desserts there

So there are a lot of reasons we love Food Festivals.  But desserts is definitely a big part of it!  And there are a lot of great desserts available here.  In fact, they are possibly too good; they run out of a lot of the best desserts, so don’t wait too long to order yours!

But if you find yourself having a sweet tooth craving and you are looking for the best place to find a dessert, then head to the Sweets Market.  It is station #19.  This station is a bit different than the others in that it is actually inside Seaside Coffee.

The desserts there are so good!  We loved the Bananas Foster Cheesecake Waffle Cone and the Rainbow Cheesecake Waffle Cone the best.  It looks like ice cream but it’s actually cheesecake, which is almost a weird thing when you bite in expecting ice cream.  But they are absolutely delicious.  If you have a sweet tooth, you really need to check it out!

Best Non-Ice Cream/Dripping Dessert

Beignets are available at the Gulf Coast Market at SeaWorld Orlando's Seven Seas Food Festival

So we kind of have a love hate thing with ice cream desserts at food festivals.  On the one hand, it’s ice cream, and it’s delicious.  And SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival has delicious ice cream.

But if we separate and try to find each other to get a table to sit down and eat, the ice cream can melt and become messy.  So if you don’t like that but you still want a dessert, then we have the perfect dessert for you: beignets!

You can find beignets at the Gulf Coast Market.  This is station #23, which is found next to the Wild Arctic attraction.  I have love beignets ever since I visited New Orleans, and these didn’t disappoint.

They give you three different choices for beignets.  You can get a traditional beignet with powdered sugar.  I am a purist and that’s what I got.  But you can get a bourbon caramel beignet or a rum glazed Bananas Foster Beignet.  The Bananas Foster beignet was the most popular and sold out the day I went, so if you want that make sure you buy it early on in the day.

Busiest Station

A picture of the Asian Market at SeaWorld's Seven Seas Food Festival

Now, full disclosure, I did not do official calculations of line lengths.  But according to our eye test, the Asian Market had the longest lines.  That’s station #17 across from Sea Harbor Soft Serve.  It didn’t really surprise me, since they’ve got such delicious food and great drinks there (from Giant Tempura Prawns to Japanese draft beers and sake.  The Asian market is always the most buzzed-about station of this festival.  So if you are planning on getting something at the Asian Market, then try heading here during offpeak times or head right there when the festival starts if you don’t want to wait in line too long.

Least Busiest Station

A picture of the Vegan Market at SeaWorld Orlando's Seven Seas Food Festival

So on the flip side, if you are looking for a station with smaller lines, then look no further than the station across from the Asian Market.  That would be the Vegan Station, #18, which is located right in front of the Sea Harbor Soft Serve.  So if the line is too long for your taste at the Asian Market, just walk across the street and check out the Vegan Station!

Most Disappointing Menu Item

Which food was the worst at Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld Florida theme park

So regular blog readers know I am not one to be too negative.  But I have to be honest with you guys.  And one item we found disappointing was the Brazilian Picanha Steak.  You can find it at the Brazilian Station, market #15, which is right next to Infinity Falls.

This menu item was especially disappointing to us because it was one of our favorites in the past.  But it was very hard to eat this year.  And what I mean by that is that it didn’t pass our knife test.  Generally speaking, when we take our knife and try to cut something and we can’t cut it, we know it is too tough for us.  We are very wimpy chewers.  Now, that may not matter to you and you may love it.  But we thought you should know all the same.

On the plus side, it did come with a side that had a potatoey taste and that was very good.  But it didn’t make up for the disappointing steak to us.

Best Drink

And finally, the category you were probably most looking forward to – the best drink!  The best drink we found was at the Sauvignon Blanc.  You can get it at the sixth station, Matua Vineyards and Main & Vine Wine Spritzers, which is located across from Voyagers Smokehouse.  The Sauvignon Blanc was excellent!