Discount tickets to Seoul Land theme park in South Korea

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Seoul Land

Seoul Land is famous for being Korea’s first large-scale theme park!  It’s a great place for all ages.  We’ll tell you all about it and then we’ll let you know how to get discount tickets.

Seoul Land has 5 different sections.

World Plaza

Kids Land

Kids Land is a great playground for kids.  Children can interact with sharks, dolphins, turtles, and rocks that are made out of soft foam.  There’s a fun pirate ship with a cannon.  It’s a great place for kids to play and have fun.


There are a lot of great coin-operated arcade games here.  Some of these games include car rides, basketball, doll crane, PUMP, and more.

Adventure Land

King Viking

King Viking is one of the most popular rides at Seoul Land!  It’s a giant pirate ship that rocks back and forth.

Tikitoc Train

Tikitoc Train is a kid’s roller coaster than runs at 16 km per hour.

Den of Lost Thieves

Den of Lost Thieves is a fun dark ride.  As your car moves along the track, you get to shoot targets from your car.  There are great special effects like wind and lights.  And there are even canons!

Flume Ride

The flume ride is a great water ride.  You ride through streams and then fall from 9-meter height.

Bumper Boats

There are fun bumper boats and bumper swans here.

Shooting Gallery

A coin-operated shooting gallery is always fun – especially if you hit your target!

Remote Control Boats

This is where you can control a boat with a remote control.

Fantasy Land


Hi-Roller is one of the most popular rides at Seoul Land.  It’s a thrilling ride with 360˚ rotations over oval-shaped rails.


PeterPan is a great ride for children and the children at heart.  You ride around and experience the story of Peter Pan & Neverland.


WorldCup is a soccer-themed ride.  There are 10 Soccer ball-like dishes in this circular ride and they revolve around the bigger soccer ball in the middle.

Larva Twister

In Larva Twister, you spin around in colorful golf club swings.

Kambu Airplane

Kambu Airplane is a fun ride where you’ll get to feel like you are flying!

Musical Carousel

Musical Carousel is a traditional carousel but instead of horses, you’ll ride around on musical instruments!

Big Merry-Go-Round

The Big Merry-Go-Round is a huge, traditional Merry Go-Round.  But there’s one dragon there – so board early if you want to ride it!

Arpo Swing

Arpo Swing is a fun, spinning octopus ride.

Cloud Bread

Cloud Bread is a parachute ride for kids.  It’s a slow-moving parachute that goes up and down.

Vroomiz Hill

Vroomiz Hill is a children’s playground with slides and jumping floors.  And kids will get to meet the popular TV character, Vroomiz!

Canimals Circus

This is a ride that makes you feel like you’re on a squirrel’s treadwheel since you’ll go around 360°.

Turning Mecard Racing

This ride takes place on a turning 3m-high rail.

Tobot Train

Here’s where you can meet and ride Tobot Evolution Y.

Character 3D Theater

A 3D show on a giant screen.

Kartrider Bumper

Kartrider is a fun, thrilling bumper car ride.

Turning Mecard Go! Bumper Car

Turning Mecard Go! Bumper Car is a fun experience, especially for kids since (depending on if they meet the height requirement) they can drive a car themselves!

Convoy Race

Convoy Race is another ride where children can drive their own cars!

Electronic Game Arcade

This is another coin-operated arcade with electronic games.  You can play ping pong on a mini ping pong table or dance on the PUMP stage.

Midway Game

This is where you can play fun, coin-operated midway games where you could win prizes.

Action Zone

Action Zone is a huge indoor playground with big and small ball rooms, a trampoline room, a horse vault room, a tightrope room, slides, and more.


Here’s where you can actually walk on water!  Please note this is not available during the winter.


Double Loop Coaster

This is a double loop roller coaster that makes two consecutive thrilling rounds.

Black Hole 2000

This is a space train, roller coaster ride that makes 2 rounds & has 7 falls in 100 km per hour.

X Flyer

This ride consists of two flying ships.  They start towards opposite directions.  Then 360° rounds!

Motion Theater

Sit in the moving chair and watch a movie with 3D visual and 4D multiple effects.

Sky X

Ever wanted to fly?  You’ll feel that way on Sky X, which consists of a 50-meter free fall from a cable!

Shot Drop

On Shot Drop, you’ll experience straight skyrocketing at the speed of 85 kilometers per hour.

Crazy Mouse

Crazy Mouse is a roller coaster with 4 seat cars that are shaped like cute little animals.


You’ll feel like you’re flying in a hot air balloon in this balloon ride.

Crazy House

You’ll have fun in this house!  The Crazy House moves, shakes and bounces to the sound of music.

Super Telecombat

This is a great ride for children.  They can pretend to be a combat plane pilot as they move around in their own fighter plane.

Frog Hopper

Frog Hopper is a great ride for kids where they’ll be moved up and down.

Mini Viking

Have a kid that wants to ride King Viking but can’t because they don’t reach the height minimum?  Then they can enjoy Mini Viking, a version of the ride more aimed at children!

Rock Café

Rock Café is a special ride for lovers!

Time Machine 5D 360

Time Machine 5D 360 is an interactive super image which immerses you into an amazing experience.

Tilt House

Tilt House is a funhouse full of optical illusions.

Samchulli Hill

Top Spin

Top Spin is a thrilling, non-stop rotating ride that makes 7 spinning loops through the air.

Haunted House

Prepare to be scared at the Haunted House!  Because once you leave the elevator to the underground cave, you will led into an eerie world of scary spirits by the death messenger.

Outdoor Pool

During the summer, you can cool off in an outdoor pool.  This pool is a lot of fun, as it even includes 40 meter long slides and colorful air bounces.  And in the background, you can enjoy the beauty of the Chunggye Mountain.

Snow Sled

Visiting in the winter?  Then instead of the pool, you can enjoy sledding in the snow!  There are several courses available.

Archery Range

You can practice your archery here.

Hutos Media Town

This is a great attraction for anyone who is a fan of Hutos, the popular KBS TV program for children.  There are fun experiences and you can meet the Hutos characters as well as see them in fun performances.

Discount Tickets

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