How a transferable pass at Sesame Place theme park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area will save you money

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Sesame Place Transferable Pass

Have you heard about Sesame Place’s Transferable Pass?  We think you guys are going to really like it.

What It Is

A transferable pass works in a similar fashion to a season pass.  And it is something you can buy along with your season pass.  You buy it along with your Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Pass Membership.

But here how it is different.  With a normal season pass, you buy it for a specific person.  And that one person is the only one who can use it.

But with a transferable pass, multiple people can use!  It can literally be “transferred” from one person to the next!

But as I said, you have to buy it with another season pass.  Basically, how it works is that you have one “host” membership.  And that person has to be present when anyone uses the transferable pass.

But you have flexibility on who uses the transferable pass.

Why You Should Buy It

Now, this pass may not make sense for everyone.  If you are say always going to visit Sesame Place with the same people, it doesn’t make much sense to buy.

But the Transferable Person is perfect for others! Because see, all guests at Sesame Place ages 2 and up must have a Season Pass or another ticket product for admission.  So let’s say you have a three-year-old who loves Sesame Place.  You will need to buy a Season Pass for your child because it’s needed for them to visit multiple times.

But let’s say who brings your child might change.  For example, he or she might be accompanied by a nanny, a baby-sitter, your mother, father, aunt, uncle, your sibling. yourself, your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend, etc.   It saves you money to buy just one transferable ticket.

And the transferable pass has a lot of benefits:

  • Unlimited visits through 1/2/2022
  • No blackout dates
  • Free general parking
  • 20% off Magic Queue
  • 15% off:
    • In-Park Merchandise
  • 10% off:
    • Character Dining
    • In-Park Food & Drinks
    • Stroller Rentals
  • Exclusive pin trading events
  • Free Annual PhotoKey
  • Access to VIP Pass member ride nights
  • Access to VIP Pass member events
  • Savings on Discovery Cove, the amazing day resort in Orlando, Florida where you can swim with dolphins


Oh, and there’s one more big reason to buy the Transferable Pass.  Well, really it’s a reason to buy it right now.

And that’s because there is a great sale going right now!  You can currently save 30% on both Season Passes and Transferable Passes!  Click here to get started with saving money!

More About Sesame Place

Sesame Place is a great, children-centric theme park.  It’s located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia.  It is themed to Sesame Street and there are wonderful opportunities to interact with the show’s popular characters (Big Bird, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, etc.).  They also have kid-friendly rides and a water park.  And they have seasonal events for different holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, etc.  Getting a season pass is a great way to enjoy and get wonderful memories with your children that last a lifetime!