Discounted entrance fee to Seven Seas Waterpark in Cagayan de Oro

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If you are looking for fun the whole family can have in Cagayan de Oro, then head to Seven Seas Waterpark!  It’s the first pirate-themed waterpark in the Philippines, and as the theming would imply, it’s a lot of fun!

There are a lot of great attractions in the Seven Seas Waterpark.  You’ll find everything from a thrilling slide to a relaxing lazy river.  We’ll go over some of our favorite water park rides at Seven Seas.  And then we’ll tell you how to find a promo code so you can get a discounted entrance fee into this waterpark!


Did you know that the largest water slide in the Philippines isfound at Seven Seas Waterpark?  This water slide, called the Cyclone, is a gigantic conical steel fibreglass structure.  It is 20 meters in diameter and can accommodate a four-person raft.  Your raft drops from a 6-story launch tube. You’ll experience near vertical spins and wallops as your raft swings on the funnel walls.

Plank Drop

The Plank Drop has the distinction of being the 1st vertical aqua loop water slide in the Philippines where riders are launched from a transparent capsule-like cylinder all the way from a height of 20 meters.  It’s a total rush of adrenaline and you can see what’s around you since the cylinder is comprised of semi-translucent fiberglass tube.

Buccaneer Bay

Seven Seas Waterpark is home to one of the largest dual wave pools in the Philippines: Buccaneer Bay!  You can choose from a more family-friendly wave size of 0.50 to 1.0-meter.  Or you can take a boogie board and enjoy the more powerful tsunami waves at 1 to 1.5 meters. This can even be programmed for anyone who wants to learn to surf!

Riptide Reef

This is a boomerang slide ride.  You can ride with another person on a special two holes inflatable raft.  The ride ends with you sliding vertically into the bottom of a sheer wall.  You get to experience an extended free-fall as your raft reverses direction so you’ll land into the landing pool.

Pacific Racer

Get ready to race your friends and family on the Pacific Racer!  This attraction features three tube slides so you can race besides members of your family or other guests on rubber mats.


Here you’ll ride down an open spiral slide.  You’ll rotate at least two times before you land in a spray of water and foam.

Captain Kidd’s Hideout

Seven Seas Waterpark doesn’t just have attractions that cater to adults, teens, and older children.  The Captain Kidd’s Hideout is the perfect place for younger kids.  It has a kiddie pool and slides.  Their “Pirates of Caraibes” aqua playhouse is actually great for all ages who enjoy having fun and relaxing in a shallow, rubber-lined pool.

Mighty Maui River

And last but not least is my favorite attraction at the Seven Seas Waterpark: the Mighty Maui River!  It actually is the longest lazy river in the Philippines.  It’s actually 400 meters (1,312 ft) in length.  Mighty Maui River even has a wave generator.  You’ll love relaxing on your inflatable as you float through islands, low-hanging bridges, and Fort San Agustin’s tunnel moat.

Promo Code

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