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Wild Wild Wet Water Park in Singapore

Wild Wild Wet water park in Singapore is back open for business.  And it’s time you head there so you can enjoy this fun water park!

Wild Wild Wet is one of Singapore’s most popular family attractions.  It even received an award by the Pro-Family Business Mark for its family-friendly facilities, complete with  nursing rooms, children’s shower cubicles, lifejackets, etc.  Wild Wild Wet is also one of the largest water parks in Singapore.  And it is conveniently located in the Downtown East.  What else do you need to know to convince you to visit this water park?

You want to know about its attractions?  Well, let us tell you!

Wild Wild Wet Rides

Wild Wild Wet has plenty of fun rides.


Torpedo is the newest thrill ride at Wild Wild Wet.  It is the first ride of its kind in Singapore.  You will be ejected from an 18-meter-high capsule right into a free fall.  And this isn’t just any free fall – it’s from four stories high!  And that’s not all.  During your descent, you will reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour.


Have you ever wanted to try white-water rafting?  You’ll get to experience that feeling on Wild Wild Wet’s Ular-Lah ride!  It is a super flume ride that is fun all the way up to the amazing finish into the landing pool.  Ular-Lah has the distinction of being Southeast Asia’s first raft slide.


Vortex is an enclosed dark flume ride.  It has the distinction of being Singapore’s first high-speed 360° extreme loops ride.

Kraken Racers

Kraken Racers is the perfect ride for those who love thrills and are competitive!  It has the distinction of being Singapore’s first 4-lane mat racer slide.

Royal Flush

On this ride, you drop into a huge bowl and take curves at incredibly fast speeds.  The Royal Flush has the distinction of being Asia’s 1st hybrid ride featuring both the Behemoth BOWL40 and the TornadoWAV.

Free Fall

On this ride, you plunge down a near-vertical drop at a really fast rate – up to 50 feet per second!  Free Fall has the distinction of being one of Asia’s longest free-fall water slides.

Slide Up

On this ride, you plunge down a four-story ramp on an inflatable raft.  You accelerate until you hit the deck and then skim across and then soar on the opposite side.  This will keep going until your momentum runs out.  It’s like what professional skateboarders go through!

The Water Works

The Water Works is a fun, high-speed flume ride.  There are two different versions: open and covered body slides.  They have their own unique routes and distinctive angles.  You can race your family and friends to see who is the fastest!

Shiok River

Want something a bit tamer?  Then try Shiok River, Wild Wild Wet’s lazy river with a lush landscape.


Another way to relax at Wild Wild West is the Jacuzzi.  It is great for your muscles, too!


Want to experience the fun of the ocean at the water park?  Then head to Tsunami, Wild Wild Wet’s fun wave pool.

Professor’s Playground

Looking for something all ages can enjoy?  Professor’s Playground is a playground that just happens to be located in a swimming pool.  It is themed around an experimental laboratory.  They’ve got slides, water cannons, ladders, and fountains.

Kids Zone

Looking for something fun for the youngest children to enjoy?  Check out the Kids Zone!  It is Wild Wild Wet’s all-new children’s water paradise.  It has pint-sized versions of the bigger Wild Wild Wet rides!

Splash Play

The younger guests also have a lot of fun at Wild Wild Wet’s all-new Splash Play.  There are fun jets and water sprays they can play with and enjoy.


Toddlers will enjoy Yippee!, a shallow water area with soft play equipment.  Yippee! was designed to be a safe and fun place for the youngest kids to play.

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