Water Country USA Williamsburg Virginia 4th of July Flash Sale

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The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching.  And of course, this is a time to feel patriotic, spend time with family, and celebrate America.

But you can celebrate something else.  And that is all the money you can save when you take advantage of Fourth of July sales.  There really are some great Fourth of July sales going on right now.

And this is especially good news if you are planning on visiting Williamsburg, Virginia this summer.  We already talked about the Busch Gardens 4th of July Flash here.  But not to be outdone, Water Country USA Waterpark also has a great Flash Sale going on right now!  And you’ll be able to save up to 55% on your tickets by buying your ticket between now and the Fourth of July rather than waiting!

So let’s go over which ticket options are covered under this Flash Sale, and how much money you can save.

Date-Specific Ticket

If you want to buy a ticket to just visit the waterpark one day, then you cab buy a date-specific for the day you want to visit the park.  And you’re in luck if you want to buy it now because this ticket option is currently on sale for up to 55% off!

You can also add all-day dining to your ticket option and that can save you even more money.  We go over how All-Day Dining saves you money in our Busch Gardens All-Day Dining Guide.

You can find the 4th of July sale for single-day tickets here.

Any Day Ticket

Are you not sure when you’ll get there, but you know you’ll want to visit this water park before the end of the summer?  No problem!  You can buy an any-day ticket and currently save 20%.  You can buy that ticket here.

2-Day Ticket

Sometimes one day is not enough.  And for that, you can buy a 2-day ticket.  Buying a 2-day ticket saves you money versus buying two different one-day tickets.

You can also use a 2-day ticket with both Water Country USA and Busch Gardens.  So you could visit one park one day and the other park the other day.

Just make sure your 2nd day is within 7 days of the first visit (which shouldn’t be a problem on most trips).

And you can save even more money with the Fourth of July Sale.  You can save up to 50% right now on 2-day tickets if you buy your ticket here.

3-Day Ticket

With this ticket option, you can enjoy three days at Water Country USA and/or Busch Gardens within 6 months from the date of purchase.  Once again, the second and third visits must be used within seven days of the first visit.  You can find this ticket deal here.

Fun Cards

If you visit a lot, then you should consider a Fun Card.  It’s surprisingly not that much more expensive than other ticket options.  But you’ll get to unlimited Water Country USA visits through September 17, 2023.  And for just $17 more, you can add on Busch Gardens and get unlimited visits there through September 4, 2023.

And right now, as part of the Fourth of July Sale, the fun card is on sale for over 30% off!  Buy your discounted Fun Card ticket here.

2-Park Membership

If you do visit Water Country USA as well as Busch Gardens a lot, you can also consider getting a 2-Park Membership.  This is what my family has.  We really like all the benefits.  We have the highest option and like getting free preferred parking and discounted food and merchandise.  And you’ll get unlimited visits which include beyond the summer, like Busch Gardens’ great Christmas Town celebration.

As part of the Fourth of July Sale, 2-Park memberships are currently on sale for over $70 off.  You can find these discounted 2-Park Membership tickets here.