Waterway Grill in SeaWorld Orlando is part of their all day dining plan

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When you think of food at theme parks, you typically think of standard fare.  You don’t always expect to get interesting, delicious food at a theme park restaurant.  And that’s why Waterway Grill at SeaWorld Orlando is such a refreshing example.

Waterway Grill

Waterway Grill is an indoor restaurant at SeaWorld Orlando near Infinity Falls

Waterway Grill is a relatively new restaurant experience at SeaWorld.  It is part of a new part of the park near one of SeaWorld’s newer rides, Infinity Falls.  The first time one thing about it made it automatically stand out in a good way: it’s indoors.  Orlando, Florida can get really, really hot.  So hot that we’ve even listed before how to stay cool at SeaWorld Orlando.  And Orlando can on occasion get cold.  I have been to SeaWorld in January a few times when I’ve worn a sweatshirt and a thick jacket.  Either way, I want to be inside near air conditioning or heat.  And you can get that with Waterway Grill.

Waterway Grill is a quick service restaurant at SeaWorld Orlando

When you walk in you see that there are multiple long tables and a window you can order your food from.  That’s also what makes Waterway Grill unique; for a quick-service restaurant, it’s crazy that the food is so unique and good!  You pretty much only see that at expensive sit-down restaurants at theme parks if you see that at all.  But the great thing about this format is that the food is a lot more reasonably priced than a table service restaurant.

All-Day Dining Deal

And if you really want to make it affordable, get the SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining Deal.  The SeaWorld Orlando all-day dining plan makes your entire trip to SeaWorld so much more affordable.  If you buy a ticket along with the dining plan, you have a credit to buy the following food once per hour:

  • 1 entree
  • 1 side OR 1 dessert
  • A regular-sized non-alcoholic drink

Now, that is potentially a lot of food!  You get to choose from participating restaurants, which include Waterway Grill.  And it’s really not for much money more.  Like right now, through a deal you can get by clicking here, a regular ticket that you buy in advance would cost you $84.99.  You add on dining and it only costs you $119.99.  That is not much more money when you think about how you can have multiple meals during your day!

I will give you one tip, though, if you do the all-day dining plan.  Get a guide that’s available at the front of the park at the beginning of the day.  That will tell you which restaurants are participating.  It also will tell you the hours the restaurants are open that day.  Sometimes the restaurants will close an hour before the park closes.  And I have made the mistake of not checking times, showing up to a restaurant for dinner only to realize the restaurant has closed!  So I don’t want you to make that mistake.

Food Review

So back to the food available at Waterway Grill.  The cuisine available at this restaurant involves flavors that are inspired from regions around the Amazon.  How’s that for non-standard theme park food?


Here are some of our favorite entrees:

Amazon Salad

Enjoy the Amazon Salad at Waterway Grill at SeaWorld Orlando theme park

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t expect to get a delicious, filling salad at a quick-service restaurant at a theme park!  The amazon salad consists of crispy greens, hearts of palm, cucumber, carrots, red onion, tomato, olive, and feta cheese.  This salad got a big thumbs up from my family.

Grilled Churrasco Steak

Grilled Churrasco Steak available at Waterway Grill at SeaWorld Orlando theme park

How great is it that your all-day dining deal can get you steak?  This deliciously seasoned skirt steak is topped with Chimichurri sauce.

Chicken Tender Platter

Waterway Grill at SeaWorld Orlando offers exotic food and standard food like chicken

So what happens when you have that picky eater who doesn’t want to try something all new?  Luckily, Waterway Grill has more standard fare, like these chicken tenders.  And they were delicious, by the way!


But now let’s talk about the best part of the meal: the dessert!  Dessert is included in your price for the all-day dining deal.  And there are a lot of really delicious desserts we enjoyed at Waterway Grill.

Chocolate Pudding Parfait

A picture of the chocolate pudding parfait at Waterway Grill at SeaWorld Orlando

This was absolutely delicious, and I was sad when it was over.

Cookie Dough Cupcake

A picture of the cookie dough cupcake available at Waterway Grill at SeaWorld Orlando

I really like cupcakes, and this cookie dough cupcake definitely lived up to my expectations for it!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the desserts you can get at Waterway Grill at SeaWorld Orlando

The chocolate chip cookies were so delicious!  They were freshly baked and so soft.