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If you are looking to cool off in the Los Angeles, California area this summer, then look no further than Wild Rivers Waterpark.  Yes, Wild Rivers is back and in its new location in Irvine, California.  Wild Rivers Waterpark is now located on 20 acres, making the new location nearly double the size of the original Wild Rivers.

Wild Rivers Waterpark pays homage to the original MCAS El Toro.  It also has a great 1940s South Pacific theming.  And it has around twenty fun water attractions.

I’ll tell you about these attractions.  And then I’ll tell you how you can save money on your Wild Rivers Waterpark ticket with a great coupon!


Aquaconda is a family water ride where the slide resembles the largest snake in the world, the Anaconda.  It is one of four six-passenger raft rides at Wild Rivers.  It starts in an open flume, then becomes an enclosed flume, and you end up in dropping into a splash pool at the ride’s conclusion.  A definitely family favorite!

Bora Bora Boomeranga

Bora Bora Boomeranga is one of the waterpark’s other family raft rides.

When the ride starts, you’ll be navigating a winding, open-air flume.  But pretty soon, you’ll be accelerating towards an abyss.  Then you plummet down a ripper drop where you’ll face a humungous wall.  But as the name implies, you’ll soon boomerang back up and down the huge, steep wall.  And this is a really neat experience as you and your friends or family riding the attraction with you will feel weightless!


Tortuga is the third six-person family raft ride.  Your raft takes high-speed twists and turns down an enclosed serpentine flume.  But then you are injected into large Aquaspheres with exciting oscillations around 90-degree corners!   After that, you’ll shoot through tight corners and high-banking turns before the ride ends with your raft splashing into a pool.


Typhoon is the final six-person family raft ride.  It is a lot of fun, too, with tight turns, high banks, and steep drops into the 20-foot diameter MEGAtube.

Fiji Falls

Fiji Falls is a four-story body slide complex with slides for all ages.

Pelican Plunge

Pelican Plunge is an attraction that can be experienced alone or with a friend.  No matter which you choose, you can enjoy the experience of feeling like a pelican.

You start the ride with a steep dive into the water.  At the bottom of the drop, you’ll feel like a pelican when you swoop up and ascend an uphill section of the flume propelled by a stream of water.  After that, you soar around an enclosed section before you dive again and go up a second hill.  The first half of your experience is similar to what you feel when you ride a roller coaster.  You finish the ride by rocking back and forth as you float towards a splashdown pool.


Pipeline is a four-story body slide complex.  You can enjoy exciting twists, turns, and drops or more relaxed innertube slides.

Samoan Serpent

Samoan Serpent is another four-story body slide complex with lots of options: the rattler, which includes the Master Blaster uphill water coaster, a superbowl, a constrictor, and traditional serpentine innertube slides.

Tiki’s Revenge

Tiki’s Revenge is a SuperBowl Tube Ride for one or two riders on a double tube.

Bombay Blasters

Bombay Blasters is one of the two iconic rides brought back from former Wild Rivers.  You slide down dueling dark enclosed tubes that start high.  Then you fall steeply and shoot into the air.  The ride ends with you dropping four feet into an eight foot deep receiving pool.

Talo & Mano

Talo & Mano are side-by-side body slides.  But they have their differences.  Talo has both opened and closed sections.  Mano is completely closed but has multi-color aqaulucent rings as you start the ride and translucent sections at the bottom.  This means your friends and/or family can see you right before you finish your ride!

Tomcat Racers

Tomcat Racers is a mat race ride with six lanes.  But it is not a typical mat race ride.

You start at your position at the top of a five-story tower.  You lie face-first on your mat.  When the race begins, you slide face first into a fully-enclosed AquaTube.  You then start a 360-degree downward spiral descent.

While your speed increased as you descend, the tubes realign.  Then the open air finale begins, which is a steep plunge into a runout.

See if you can beat your friends or family on this fun attraction!

Tahitian Toucan

Tahitian Toucan is a remake of Wild Rivers’ old iconic Sweitzer Falls ride.  it is a tall, straight, open-topped slide.  It shoots guests out over and drops them four feet down into an eight-foot-deep splash pool.  A great thing about this attraction is that is a good ride for younger guests before they are ready for the faster Bombay Blasters.

Shaka Bay Wave Pool

This wave pool gets its name from the shaka sign.  People use it in the Hawaiian islands to express friendly messages like “hang loose” or “take it easy”.

And now you can take it easy at the Shaka Bay Wave Pool.  With 25,000 square feet of fun and two separate entrances, there is plenty of room for guests to spread out.  And it can be fun for younger and older guests.  Younger guests can jump in the gentle waves that roll into the small beach.  But older guests can also swim into the main surf zone from the large beach.  They can then ride the waves while floating in a tube.  Or they can attempt some bodysurfing!

Castaway River

Castaway River is a relaxing lazy river attraction.  You can enter the attraction from either of their zero-depth beach entry points.  This is not only a relaxing ride, but a great way to see the whole water park.  You can pass attractions like Wild Rivers Waterpark’s family play structure at Cook’s Cove.

In total, it is a 1/3-mile-long float.  You drift beneath two pedestrian bridges and past various water features.  This includes a water wheel, bubbling fountains, and colorful water buckets that can get you soaked.

You are allowed to swim in Castaway River or float on one of their tubes.

Cook’s Cove

Speaking of Cook’s Cove, it is a great children’s play area.  It is also one of the largest rain fortresses in the world with 77 activities that are fun and safe for young kids.  Highlights include an 800-gallon tipping water bucket and several slides that land in a shallow zero-entry pool.

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