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If you like getting scared, then Nightmares Manila is one place you’ll have to check out.  After all, Nightmares is the biggest (not to mention the scariest) haunted attraction in the Philippines.

And by haunted attraction, you’re really not just getting one haunted .  First, there is Nightmares Cafe, where you can go if you get hungry or thirsty.  But then there are multiple haunted houses and escape rooms.

Haunted Houses

The first is Nightmares Haunted House.  The story behind this haunted house is that once upon at time, a couple drove home during a storm and along the way, they saw a lost girl along the road.  They decided to bring her home, but unfortunately, as it would turn out, they brought evil into their home.  The house was of course abandoned for decades.  Now they are open, just in time for you to discover its horrifying secrets!

Another haunted house is all new this year.  It is called House of Darkness.  The plotline here is that a father who lost his twin daughters to a horrible accident made a deal to bring them back.  But of course, when you make a deal with the devil, there’s always a cost.  And in this case, his twins didn’t return and instead, demonic entities who took on the image of the twins are there instead.  This is actually the premier attraction here due to the state-of-the-art animations and special effects.

The third haunted house is also all new and it is called Freakshow.  Freakshow takes you to the dark side of the circus, so if you weren’t already scared of clowns, you will be now!

And finally, the last haunted house is a Japanese-themed attraction, The Haunted Schoolhouse.  Frightening live actors, horror movie-style scares, and Hollywood-quality special effects really make all these haunted houses extra spooky.

Escape Rooms

There are four escape rooms.

There is Escape the Serial Killer, where you and your friends get kidnapped by a serial killer and locked in his basement.   So you’ll need to figure out how to get out before he comes back and you end up as his dinner.  And I mean that quite literally.

And if you fear getting eaten, then, well, I think you’re going to be spooked by another escape room, Cannibal.

There’s also Pharoah’s Curse, where you and fellow explorers get trapped in an ancient Egyptian tomb while on an archaeological expedition in Egypt.  You’ll have to get out before you’re trapped forever.

Finally, there’s The Cell where you and your friends wake up in a cell and are forced to play the game of a crazy game master, so you’ll need to not only figure out how to play the game, but also how to stay alive and escape.

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