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Dreamworld, Australia’s biggest theme park, has been thrilling guests for 40 years.

The complex, located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, actually includes a theme park, water park, and zoo.

From children’s rides to exciting roller coasters to animal experiences to live entertainment and more, there are so many fun things to do at Dreamworld.

The park is divided into themed lands:

  • ABC Kids World
  • Dreamworld Corroboree
  • DreamWorks Experience
  • Gold Rush Country
  • Main Street
  • Ocean Parade
  • Tiger Island
  • WhiteWater World

We’re going to go over the attractions and activities you can enjoy in each section.

And then we’ll show you how you can get discount tickets so you can save money on admission!

ABC Kids World

This section of the park is dedicated to some of the favorite shows and characters that air on ABC Kids. It was previously known as Wiggles World, until it was rethemed in 2015. You can still enjoy Wiggles attractions, as well as rides based on the shows Bananas in Pyjamas, Giggle and Hoot, and Play School.

Kids Rides

Bananas in Pyjamas Fun Maze

Children up to 5 years old can have fun making their way through this fun maze.

Big Red Boat

Take a ride aboard the Wiggles Big Red Boat.

Dorothy’s Rosy Tea Cup Ride

Fans of the Wiggles will also enjoy this spinning tea cup ride, set to a soundtrack of Wiggles songs.

Giggle and Hoot Pirate Ship

This children’s playground, themed as a pirate ship, is a fun way to go on a pretend pirate adventure with Hoot, Hootabelle and Pirate Hootbeard. There is also a rest area with lots of themed seating located next to the ship.

Play School Wheel

In this miniature ferris wheel type ride, you’ll turn and swirl around in a colorful carriage. And you can sing along with some great ABC KIDS songs as well!

Character Appearances

At Fun Spot Stage, you’ll have the chance to meet these lovable characters:

  • Captain Feathersword
  • Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • Wags the Dog


Wiggly Friends Show

This fun song and dance show will surely inspire your little one to get up and dance along, too! It stars Dorothy the Dinosaur, along with Captain Feathersword and Wags the Dog.

Dreamworld Corroboree

In addition to the fun rides, Dreamworld is a wildlife conservation park. There are a lot of opportunities to learn about animals and how to contribute to conservation efforts.

Native Wildlife

There are 4 different areas representing Australia’s natural ecosystems:

  • Rainforest
  • Woodlands
  • Wetlands
  • Arid

And there are lots of Aussie animals at Dreamworld, including some that are near extinction:

  • Crocodile
  • Kangaroo
  • Koala
  • Dingo
  • Bilby
  • Cassowary
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • Wombat
  • Tree Kangaroo
  • Wedge Tailed Eagle

Special Experiences

If you’re looking for something unique during your trip to Dreamworld, you can take part in a Wildlife Experience. (Please note that these special activities do require an additional fee.)

Koala Photos

During this adorable animal experience, you can cuddle a koala! You’ll also get a printed 6×8″ photo. Please note that if the guest is under 135cm tall, then the photo will actually be of the guest patting the koala instead of holding the koala.

Dingo Encounter

You’ll get the chance to meet the three dingoes at Dreamworld, Kuppar, Kimbah, and Kiah. During this 20 minute long experience, up to five people will get the chance to interact and pat these cute animals. A 6×8″ souvenir photo is also included. Guests must be at least 7 years old.

Croc Feed Experience

This unique crocodile feeding experience lasts approximately an hour and starts at 1pm (but you should get there at 12:45pm). You must be at least 18 years old, and your group can include up to 5 guests. You’ll get a personal briefing with the Dreamworld handler, a conservation show bag, a certificate of achievement, and an 8″ x 10″ colour print. Also, you’ll get a chance to interact with a snake.

Wildlife Presentations

See if you can catch one of these informative presentations:

  • Wildlife Talk
  • Crocodile Talk

Family Rides

Vintage Cars

Here’s your chance to drive around in a replica of a 1920s vintage Ford.

DreamWorks Experience

This area of the park is themed to DreamWorks Animation, and there are sections for three of its popular franchises: Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness, Madagascar Madness, and Shrek’s Faire Faire Away.

Kids Rides

Dronkey Flyers

Remember the Dronkeys (half dragon, half donkey) from the Shrek movie franchise? Well, on this rotating flying attraction, you’ll be along for the ride as Dragon teaches her children how to fly.

Puss in Boots Sword Swing

This swinger ride is themed to the Puss in Boots character from the Shrek movies.

Shrek’s Ogre-Go-Round

On this carousel, you can ride an onion carriage, Donkey, or a royal horse.

Family Rides

Escape from Madagascar

Join penguins Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, and Private, as well as their friends, as they attempt to Escape from Madagascar. This ride is a great option if you’re looking for a family roller coaster.

Gingy’s Gliders

Fly through the sky while lying on gingerbread-man-shaped carriages. This attraction is themed to the Gingy character from Shrek.

Mad Jungle Jam

This ball play area is themed to Madagascar’s chimps. And there are a lot of opportunities for families to have fun, what with the air cannons, lookout towers, foam fountains, and of course, hundreds of soft balls.

Skadoosh Bumper Cars

These festival dragon cars are fun to drive, especially when kids get the chance to drive the adults around! You can find this attraction in Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness.

Thrill Rides


Choose between a “not-so-crazy” line or a “hard style” line for this swinging rickshaw ride. Either way, you’re sure to have thrilling fun. But on the “hard style” version, you’ll be experiencing up to 3.8 G-forces.


Madagascar Live Show

You can catch this live performance at King Julien’s Theatre in the Wild. The show includes popular characters from the movie including Alex, Gloria and the Penguins Skipper, King Julien, and Kowalski.

Gold Rush Country

This part of the theme park is also known as Town of Gold Rush or just Gold Rush.

Thrill Rides

The Giant Drop

Do you love the thrill of a free fall? On The Giant Drop, you’ll plunge 119 metres, making it the tallest free-falling ride in Australia.

Steel Taipan

This new ride – it just opened on 15 December 2021 – is the first triple launch roller coaster in the Southern Hemisphere. It is named after the deadly Taipan family of snakes, which are native to Australia. And this steel roller coaster includes 4 inversions and a top speed of 105 km per hour. If you’ve ever ridden Blue Fire at Europa Park in Rust, Germany, you’ll notice some similarities between the two attractions.

Main Street

This part of the park is a main hub that can take you to some of the other lands. And if you’re reminded of the Main Street train station at the Magic Kingdom in Florida, that’s not surprising. Designers from Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida were hired to design Main Street when the park was originally constructed.

Family Rides

Dreamworld Express

I love being able to take a train ride at theme parks! They are a great way to get a scenic view of a park. And Dreamworld Express is no exception. Just head to Central Station – the train departs every 30 minutes.

Please note that this attraction has been temporarily closed due to the construction of Steel Taipan. It may or may not be back running during your visit.

Sky Voyager

Have you ever ridden a flying theatre simulator ride? Sky Voyager is the only ride of this kind in all of the Southern Hemisphere! Similar to the Soarin’ attraction at Disney California Adventure Park, you’ll feel as if you’re flying – only this time, you’ll be flying over Australia. Take in amazing views during the 5 and a half minute long film, ending with a grand finale viewing fireworks at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. And it’s not just a film. With special effects like wind, water sprays, and smells, it’s more of an experience.

Thrill Rides

Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster

Have you ever wanted to combine the thrills of roller coasters with the thrills of motorcycle racing? Then you won’t want to miss Australia’s first motorbike roller coaster! It’s actually the only motocoaster in the world that has life-size replicas of 500cc racing bikes. There are 14 custom-made motorbikes, as well as 2 aerodynamically profiled sidecars for more accessibility.

Character Appearances

You may be able to enjoy a meet and greet with the following characters on Main Street:

  • Kenny Koala (one of the Dreamworld mascots)
  • Belinda Brown (one of the Dreamworld mascots)
  • Coo-ee the Gumnut Fairy

Ocean Parade

Celebrate the Australian beach culture in this section of the park.

Family Rides


On this 90 second ride, guests sit facing outward on a circular platform, known as the “discovery vessel.” The vessel moves back and forth on a 63m long halfpipe track that has a small hill in the middle. All the while, the platform itself is spinning at a rate of 12 revolutions a minute.

Thrill Rides

The Claw

On this pendulum ride, you’ll be spinning 360 degrees and swinging up 8 storeys high, all while moving at speeds up to 64 km per hour!

The Gold Coaster

This steel roller coaster has a 1970s Gold Coast theme. It also has its share of thrills, with a 360 degree loop and speeds of up to 85 km per hour. And the Gold Coaster is one of the tallest roller coasters in the Southern Hemisphere.

Tail Spin

Do you want to pilot your own mini plane? In this attraction, you will be strapped into one of 12 mini-aeroplanes – and then soar to heights of 22 metres. And since you’re the pilot, you can control just how many exciting spins you take, using sticks that are connected on both wings.


Cosentino, The Grand Illusionist LIVE

Cosentino, The Grand Illusionist has a brand new show at Dreamworld this summer. You’ll have two opportunities daily to catch this amazing show. It will run through 9 January.

Tiger Island

Dreamworld is the largest zoological contributor to tiger conservation in the world. And on Tiger Island, you can get up close to tigers! There are viewing tunnels that take you into the enclosure, as well as large viewing areas. And trust me, staring into the face of a tiger is an amazing experience!

Tiger Feed Experience

Guests will need to be over 13 years old to take part in this 15 minute activity, which involves using tongs to feed a tiger. You’ll also enjoy a one-on-one chat with a tiger handler and get a 6″ x 8″ souvenir photo. And a percentage of the additional fee that this experience requires will go to the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation, which supports the conservation of threatened and endangered species.

Wildlife Presentations

Learn more about tigers during one of these presentations:

  • Tiger Talk
  • Tiger Presentation

WhiteWater World

This fun seasonal water park has lots of rides for kids and adults. It’s also considered one of the most water efficient parks in the world, due to its environmentally friendly technology and sustainable water management.

Here are the rides and slides you can enjoy, separated by thrill level.

Kids Rides

Wiggle Bay

This child friendly area includes water cannons and mini slides. In order to ride the slides, the height requirement is between 92 and 120 cm.

Family Rides

  • Cave of Waves
  • The Little Rippers
  • Pipeline Plunge
  • SuperTubes Hyrdocoaster
  • Temple of Huey

Thrill Slides

  • The BRO
  • Fully 6
  • The Green Room
  • The Rip
  • Triple Vortex
  • The Wedgie (opens 27 Jan 2022)

Dreamworld Discount Tickets

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