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The circus is coming to town!  Such exciting words!  And it’s true if you live in Surrey or Richmond, British Columbia.  The all new 2024 Royal Canadian International Circus 2024 is coming to the Guildford Town Centre in Surrey, B.C., on May 2 to May 12, 2024.  The circus will be in Richmond, B.C., from May 15 to 20, 2024, in the Lansdowne Centre.  Be prepared to be astounded and thrilled!

Circus artists from all around the world make up the cast of the Royal Canadian International Circus 2024.  You’ll get a glimpse into the traditional circus world where 9th generation circus families are performing for you and your family.


The Royal Canadian performers include

Joseph Dominick Bauer

Joseph Dominick Bauer is a 9th generation circus performer.  A versatile talent, he is a daredevil extraordinaire on the 50 foot Wheel of Destiny and more as well as being the ringmaster.

Claudia Alvarado Bauer

Claudia Alvarado Bauer’s family goes back 5 generations in the circus world.  She’s a Flying Trapeze artist and a sensational aerialist.  She also performs with her husband, Joseph Bauer, as an assistant on the Wheel of Destiny.

Leo Garcia

Leo Garcia is a 6th generation circus artist doing death defying stunt acts.  He is the “human cannon ball” dazzling audiences.

The 4 Fernandez Globe of Death

The 4 Fernandez Globe of Death’s act will put you on the edge of your seat.  They drive motorcycles around the inside of a steel cage, performing stunts on the motorbikes.

Pacusito Videla

Pacusito Videla is a 5th generation circus performer.  He performs on a variety of unicycles with  precision and skill.  Watch him ride 20 feet in the air on a unicycle.

Guerrero High Wire Troupe

Guerrero High Wire Troupe perform unbelievable acrobatic feats 25 feet in the air.  They received the Golden Buzzer in Germany’s version of AGT.  They ride bikes and jump over each other on the high wire.

Zeman Duo

Zeman Duo are world class roller bladers who were on AGT.  They spin, lift and perform daring stunts that are astonishing.

The Bollywood Aerialists

The Bollywood Aerialists feature aerialist artists from Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Canada.  They glide effortlessly through the air high above the circus ring.

Enjoy live entertainment by an international cast of fantastic performers.  Marvel at the soaring acrobatics and gravity defying moves.  See death defying tricks, towering feats of strength and clowning.  You and your family will talk about what you’ve seen for years to come.  


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