Coupon, promo code for Jurassic Quest in Ottawa, Ontario

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Jurassic Quest is the ultimate event if you love dinosaurs.  It has everything you would want at an exhibit.

Let’s start with the dinosaurs.  These aren’t just posters of dinosaurs or bones.  These are full-scale animatronic dinosaurs.  The kind that moves and sounds like dinosaurs would have back in the day.  Because paleontologists were consulted when these animatronic dinosaurs were created, so you’ll know you’re learning about the actual dinosaurs and not just how they look in Hollywood movies.

Speaking of learning about dinosaurs, you really will learn a lot.  These are posters up telling you about the dinosaurs you are seeing.  You’ll also see T-Rex teeth, a life-size dinosaur skull, and a triceratops horn.  There is also a fossil science exhibit for any science lover out there.

And even if you are not passionate about science or dinosaurs, you will have fun.  Because it is just a fun event with a great atmosphere.  It’s the kind of place everyone leaves with a smile on their face.  There are even things for the very youngest guests, as there are toddler play areas.  They are, of course, dinosaur-themed because this is Jurassic Quest, right?

And now you get the great opportunity to check out Jurassic Quest for yourself.  Because Jurassic Quest will be coming to the EY Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  It will be in town from November 17, 2023, through November 19, 2023.

And if you’d like a ticket for this event, then keep reading to find out how to save money on said ticket.

Promo Code

So I told you that you could save money.  So you may be expecting a promo code.  But don’t you think an automatic discount where you wouldn’t have to bother typing a promo code or coupon code would be a lot better?

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