Coupon, promo code for Zombie Apocalypse at Casa Loma in Midtown Toronto

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The newest and largest zombie-themed haunted house in Toronto has opened, and just in time for Halloween, too!

The storyline behind this haunted house is that Pharmaceutical giant Biolux has introduced a new wonder drug.  This drug, the Biolux Serum, is supposed to be an all-in-one solution to aging and disease.  And I suppose it is.  In the sense that yes, you won’t to worry about getting sick or aging after you take it.  But that’s only because your brain will have already rotted away as you will have become a cannibalizing zombie!

You’ll start your journey into the haunted house in the Biolux showrooms.  There you uncover the secrets of the Biolux labs including their gory experiments – and their crazed scientists.  Finally, you’ll discover the survivor camps – which means you’ll be face to face with zombies!

This is a 45-minute walk-through haunted house experience in a two-story historic building.  There are haunting displays, live actors, and theatrical designs that make the whole experience feel real.

Zombie Apocalypse takes place at Casa Loma, the famed Gothic Revival castle-style mansion in midtown Toronto.  Regular readers of this blog may remember us talking about another great Halloween event going on at Casa Loma.  This is of course the haunted attraction Legends of Horror.  You can find out how to get discount tickets to Legends of Horror here.

And you can find out how to get discount tickets for Zombie Apocalypse if you keep reading!

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Additional Information

The entrance into Casa Loma for Zombie Apocalypse is at 175 Kendal Avenue at Davenport Road and Walmer Road in Midtown Toronto.  There is limited paid parking available there.  You can also get paid parking at George Brown College.  It is south of Casa Loma off Macpherson Avenue.

Please note that all children ages sixteen years and younger need to be accompanied by an adult.