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As night descends over Rome, embark on a fascinating journey with The Shadows Of Rome Tour.  Take a deep dive into the city’s haunting legends.  Walk along the ancient streets where stories of ghostly apparitions come to life.  This two-hour tour will uncover the mysteries and haunted past of Rome.

Campo de Fiori

Your first stop will be Campo de Fiori.  Your guide will tell you about the Inquisition and the severity of the torture and persecution.  You’ll hear about the years of torture and the cruel execution of Giordano Bruno who was burned alive for heresy.

If you’d like to read more about the martyrdom and death of Giordano Bruno, try the book The Pope & The Heretic by Michael White.  Buy it here to save money. The Pope & the Heretic: The True Story of Giordano

Other Tour Highlights

You’ll see the Palazzo Farnese, an imposing Renaissance Palace.  Admire the magnificent building and hear the dark secrets and unsettling stories about it.

You’ll visit a church with an eerie ambiance.  Your guide will tell you about the macabre practices and rituals that were carried out here.

Your guide will speak fluent English and he’ll have a profound knowledge of Rome’s legends and history.  You’ll probably be at least a little spooked and you’re sure to be highly entertained.

You’ll go to Ponte Garibaldi and from there you can see the famous Isola Tiberia, an island in the Tiber River.  Hear about the legends of its origins and the hauntings that have been reported.  Your guide will tell you about the Basilica that is located on the island.

Your final destination is a church in Trastevere.  You’ll hear the chilling chronicle of a saint’s afterlife and the sightings of her restless spirit.

Your guide will narrate the stories and add the historical context.  Keep a sharp lookout during the tour as you never know what you might encounter in Rome after dark.


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