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Mini-Europe In Brussels

See the wonders of Europe in just a few hours.  You’ll tower over the greatest sights of Europe at Mini-Europe in Brussels, Belgium.  

Explore attractions and landmarks in 80 cities in 27 member states in the European Union and the United Kingdom.  There are 350 miniature models at scale 1:25.  The models are surrounded by flowery groves and trees plus thousands of life-like figures/  Marvel at the delicate craftsmanship of each monument, recreated down to the smallest detail.  Most models were created with a silicone mold and epoxy resin or polyester casts.

There are exciting visual and sound effects and some of the models have moving parts.  You can make the models work and recreate European history.  See the fall of the Berlin Wall and a bullfight in Seville.  Step back in time and see the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.  Witness the launching of rocket Ariane V.

European Monuments & Attractions

European monuments and attractions include

* Big Ben and its chimes

* Spire Cathedral

* Leaning Tower of Pisa

* Cais da Ribeira

* Eiffel Tower

* Clos Vougeot Castle

* Doge’s Palace with gondolas and mandarins

* Ocean Pavilion

* Acropolis

* Millenium Tower

* Cathedral of Santiago In Campastola

* Great Coastal Gate

* TGV high speed train

* Eltz Castle

* Trevi Fountain

* Church of St. Mark

* Villa La Rotonda

* Pont Adolphe

* El Escorial

* Tour de Belem

* Curtius House

* Guimaraes Castle

* Ghent

* Basilica of the Sacred Heart

* Alden Biesen

* Arc de Triumphe

* Veves Castle

* Monument of Freedom

* Antwerp Town Hall

* Centre Georges Pompidou

* Plaza de Toros

* Szechenyl Baths

* World War I Cemetery

* Stockholm City Hall

* Hoensbroek Castle

* Mogosoaia Palace

* Monument to Columbus

* Notre Dame Church

* Barcelona Port

* Castle of Chenonceaux

* Maastricht Town Hall

Wander through the footpaths discovering the miniatures of each city.  This is entertaining as well as educational.  Learn about the history, architecture, and culture of the European countries while discovering the best places to see.

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