Discounted VIP ticket to Poble Espanyol in Catalonia in Spain

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When you visit Barcelona, Spain, you want to get a feel for Spanish culture, right?  Well, what better way than to visit Poble Espanyol?  Poble Espanyol is, after all, a full-scale replica of Spanish villages!

Yes, that’s right.  Poble Espanyol was actually first built for the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition.  And now you can visit the 49,000-m2 open-air architectural museum that has 117 full-scale buildings.  They were replicated from different places in the Iberian Peninsula, so you get a great sense of different architectural types around the area.

But it’s not just buildings.  They’ve also reproduced typical streets, squares, and activities.  This gives you a great sense of Spain while you only visiting one place.

What You’ll Find in Pablo Espanyol

There are five immersive areas throughout Poble Espanyol that help gives you a sense of what Spain is all about.  You’ll learn about the different areas of Spain’s customs, culture, and traditions.  You can even sample food from different Spanish cuisines.  And you’ll get a great sense of the different architecture from all over Spain, from castles to cathedrals to beach homes and more.

Poble Espanyol is also a great attraction to visit if you love art.  The Fran Daurel Museum is on site and it has one of the best contemporary art collections in Barcelona.  There are more than 300 works by internationally renowned artists.  You’ll see pieces by famous artists like hometown hero Miró and sculptor Eduardo Chillida.  You’ll see works of Surrealism, Informalism, Expressionism, and more.

Poble Espanyol is also a great attraction for anyone who loves to shop, too.  Local artisans make and sell their handicrafts here.  You can get a unique keepsake, like jewelry, ceramics, glassworks, leatherworks, etc.

Plaza Aragonesa’s Utebo Tower is Poble Espanyol is also a really neat experience here.  It has 8 huge interactive screens and an impressive sound system to give you a feel of Spain’s best festivals.

And if you visit Poble Espanyol on a Sunday, you can enjoy wonderful family activities.  This includes theater, magic shows, workshops, and more.

So if you want to truly experience Spain and get a better appreciation for the culture of this amazing country, then make sure you make a visit to Pablo Espanyol!

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