Discount ticket for dog sledding in Sestriere, Italy

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Sestriere Dog Sledding Experience

Sestriere is a beautiful alpine village in Italy near France that is famous for its winter sports.  There’s lots of skiing, snowboarding, and other fun winter sports.  But one activity that really stands out that you can do in Sestriere is dog sledding.  And that is exactly why I think you should sign up for this Sestriere, Italy dog sledding experience.

This experience begins with an introductory briefing on dog sledding.  An expert instructor teaches you how to drive the sled and what commands you should give the dogs.  And then the fun can begin!  You will never forget riding on a dog sled.  And you can take amazing pictures with these dogs so everyone else in your life can know about your experience!

After your sleddog experience is over, you’ll walk to a typical mountain restaurant.  You get to enjoy a lunch of delicious food made of local ingredients.

This is a wonderful way to have a memorable experience while getting to appreciate the beauty of the snowy landscapes of Sestriere.  And of course, you’ll gain more of an appreciation for these amazing dogs!  You also get to see the beautiful flowers of Sestriere.  So if you are visiting the Via Lattea area in the Italian and French Alps, you definitely are going to want to do this.  It is a great addition to any ski holiday.

Discount Ticket

Looking for a discount ticket to help you save money on this sleddog experience?  Click here and you can save money on your dog sledding package.

Your dog sledding package includes the professional guide, lunch, and basic insurance.  It does not include transportation to the meeting area.  Your voucher is only valid on the specified date and time.

Additional Information

Due to the physical activity in this excursion, it is not recommended for people with impaired physical mobility or anyone in a wheelchair.

As far as the lunch is considered, they can accommodate you based on your diet.  This includes Vegan diets, allergies, gluten intolerance, etc.

Make sure you wear warmer clothes for this activity.