Learn how to cook authentic Italian pasta in these Rome cooking classes

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Top 10 Best Pasta Making Classes in Rome Italy

Are you planning a trip to Rome, Italy?  Have you always wanted to learn to cook authentic Italian pasta in Rome?  Then you should take one of these pasta making classes!  We came up with our list of the best pasta making classes in Rome.

1. Pasta Class – Fettuccine Making in Rome

Learn how to make Fettuccine using traditional recipes with a local chef. You work alongside the chef and prepare pasta dough from scratch.  The chef teaches you classic cuts from tagliolini to tagliatelle.  And then you get to sit down to a hearty, authentic Italian meal complete with a glass of wine!  This is a private class, too.  Click here to book this class.

2. Small Group Pasta and Tiramisu Making Class in Rome with Dinner

Looking to make more than just pasta?  In this pasta making class, you not only make pasta but tiramisu!

This pasta class takes place at a traditional restaurant in the heart of Rome.  The chef teaches you the secrets to preparing fresh pappardelle & spaghettone alla carbonara.  You then get to learn how to make tiramisu and then sample the delicious food you just made!

3. Homemade Gelato and Pasta Class

Since ice cream and pasta are two of my favorite foods, I love this homemade gelato and pasta class!  It takes place in an exceptional location of Piazza Navona, which is in the center of Rome, Italy.  The chef will give you tips and tricks for making pasta and gelato.  And then comes the best part: eating the food!

4. The Kitchen of Mamma Pasta Cooking Class in Rome

The Kitchen of Mamma Pasta Cooking Class is special because you not only learn to cook, but you have a part in selecting ingredients!  You see, the class starts with you and your chef guide going to the open-air Nomentano Market and picking out fresh, seasonal ingredients among the locals.  After that comes the hands-on cooking workshop.  You’ll learn how to make pasta from scratch.  Then you’ll enjoy a leisurely lunch paired with local wines.

5. Pasta Maker Cooking Class

This Pasta Maker Cooking Class is unique in that it gives you choices.

It is a 3-hour cooking experience in Rome.  And you get to pick between two different experiences.  One includes a market visit where you get to shop for ingredients along with your cooking class.  The other involves you making your own fresh egg pasta.

Either way, your expert instructor helps you prepare a delicious 2-course Roman meal consisting of a pasta dish and dessert.  It even comes with a complimentary wine to drink with your meal!

You also get to choose whether or not you want an evening or afternoon experience.  And they limit the number of people in the class so you’ll get more attention.

6. Pasta-Making Class near the Trevi Fountain

This pasta making class is unique because you’re just steps away from the Trevi Fountain!  During the class, the chef teaches you everything you need to know about ribbon pasta (spaghetti, linguine, tagliatelle, and pappardelle).

7. Rooftop Pasta Making in Rome

This pasta making class is unique because it is done on a rooftop!  This gives you amazing panoramic views of Rome, including the Colosseum and the Vatican!  You also get the personalized attention of an Italian chef.  And you get to use equipment you probably don’t have at home.  Afterwards, you can enjoy the dinner you made with a glass of sparkling wine.

8. Italian Pasta Making Class

Here is another rooftop pasta making class!  This Italian pasta making class is a three-and-a-half-hour cooking class.  You learn how to make authentic Italian pasta.  You’ll learn how to make two different kinds of pasta from scratch from an expert chef.  The chef teaches you how to make spaghetti in a tomato-based amatriciana sauce as well as ravioli!  He uses the least complicated recipes.  You’ll learn those authentic kinds of secrets that are passed down generations in Italy.  Specific things you’ll learn how to do include rolling the pasta, choosing the right shape for a particular ragu, making the most flavorful sauce, and making smooth pasta that is properly cooked.  Afterward, you can enjoy your food along with Prosecco and wine!

9. Outdoor Pasta Class On a Terrace in Rome

This outdoor pasta class on a terrace is also unique in that it is outdoors, and just a few steps away from the Vatican Museum!

It’s a one-hour class where you learn to make a perfect dough and roll out the pasta, just like real Italian chefs do.  You get to prepare some of the great classics of Italian pasta cuts, like Fettuccine, Tagliatelle, Maltagliati, etc.  Then you learn how to season your pasta with the best Roman sauces, your choice of a sauce.  After that, you get to eat what you prepared on their outdoor terrace.  One drink and their Tiramisù are included in the meal for free.

10. Ravioli and Long-Shaped Pasta Homemade in Rome

At the pasta class at this cooking school, you learn the art of homemade pasta from scratch from an ancient recipe.  They teach you both pasta from scratch and sauces.  They teach you two types of pasta.  This includes spaghetti and ravioli made from scratch.