Visit Italy virtually and take online cooking classes from Italian chefs & grandmas

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Best Virtual Italian Cooking Classes

One of the things I have missed in 2020 has been traveling.  I miss visiting a new place and learning about the culture.

But some new opportunities to virtually travel have become available to us.  So if you can’t travel to Italy anytime soon, how about bringing Italy to your home?

You can do just that with a virtual Italian cooking class.  You can learn to cook from Italians themselves.  And then whenever you cook whatever you learned, you can feel like you are visiting Italy all over again!

So we came up with our list of the best virtual Italian cooking classes.

1. Nonna Live: 2-Hour Online Pasta Class Taught by Italian Grandmas

A lot of the world’s best chefs were initially taught how to cook by their Italian grandmothers.  So why don’t you learn to cook from an Italian grandma?

Nonna Nerina and her granddaughter Chiara teach from their home in a small village near Rome.  Since it is Italy, other nonnas and zias might drop in, too.  By the end of your class, you’ll be making authentic Italian pasta!

Click here to book this class at a discounted price.

2. Live from Rome: Four-cheese “Farfalle” Pasta Online Cooking Class

In this class, you’ll learn how to make Farfalle pasta, which is also known as the bow-tie or butterfly-shaped pasta.  You’ll learn tips and secrets for making the four-cheese sauce and this fresh pasta.  You’ll also learn anecdotes about Italian food culture.  The teachers of the class, Fiamma & Debora, are recipients of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, so you know you’re getting a great teacher!  Click here to book this online pasta cooking class.

3. Withlocals Pasta e Ceci Live Virtual Cooking Class from Rome

Learn how to make Learn to make pasta e ceci, a traditional Italian dish, without having to travel to Italy yourself with this virtual cooking class.  Your local Roman instructor teaches you how to cook the dish step by step.  You can do it all from your own kitchen!  Click here to get started.

4. 2-Hour Virtual Vegetarian Cooking Class Live from Tuscany

This class is perfect for vegetarians who have always wanted to learn to cook in Italy.  You’ll feel as though you are when your Italian cooking instructor shows you the step-by-step process of making vegetarian, traditional, Italian dishes via Skype.  One advantage of taking this class from your home is that you get to use your own kitchen.  And if you get confused, you can always stop it and start back or easily take down notes.  Click here to get started.

5. Virtual Italian Meatballs Cooking Class, Live from Tuscany

This class is perfect for non-vegetarians who have always wanted to learn to cook in Italy!  Enjoy a live lesson from an instructor in Tuscany on how to make Italian meatballs.  Click here to get started.

6. Private Virtual Pasta Cooking Class, Live from Tuscany

In this class, a local Tuscan teaches you to cook authentic Italian pasta while you get to be in your home kitchen.  It is a private class and you can stop and ask questions in real-time, which can really help you learn.  And you’ll learn to cook recipes straight from Italy, from Fettuccine to gnocchi to ravioli.  Click here to get started.

7. Withlocals Original Tiramisu Online Cooking Class Live from Venice

One thing people love to learn to cook while they are in Italy is Tiramisu.  But you can learn to cook it without having to travel to Italy by taking this online cooking class.  A couple from Venice shows you step by step how to make this traditional coffee-flavored Italian dessert right from your own home.  You even get to stop the class at any time to ask questions!

8. Pizza Cooking Class with Italian Chefs

So if you love Italian food, then you certainly want to know how to cook pizza!  Local Roman chefs work alongside you in this virtual pizza cooking class.  Learn the secrets to cooking the perfect pizza and creating the perfect pizza dough juts as the Italians have done it for centuries.  Italian chefs share the history of their craft and of the regional ingredients that are so beloved throughout Italy.

9. 1 Hour Online Live Carbonara Cooking Class With Italian Chef

Another thing you might want to learn to cook is Carbonara.  This 1-hour online Carbonaro cooking class can teach you just that!  You get to learn the secrets of Italian cuisine and the traditional style of preparing Carbonara.  You get all of this from a famous Italian chef.  And you do all this from the comfort of your own home!

10. Virtual Cooking Class: Ravioli Variations with Classic Tomato Sauce

Ravioli is a classic Italian comfort dish that people from around the world love to eat.  But you’ll know how to cook it the authentic Italian way by taking this virtual cooking class!  You’ll learn from an instructor out of Bologna, Italy.  You get a real personal experience as follow along from home.  You get to learn new recipes that I am sure you will continue to use for years to come: ravioli fillings, egg pasta, and Italian tomato sauce.  Click here to get started.

11. Italian Pasta Penne with Herbs and Chicken Cooking Class

Learn how to cook a traditional Italian meal from a tourist guide in Venice.  Just click here to get started.

12. Italian Fresh Pasta Private Online Cooking Class

This class teaches you how to prepare fresh, homemade noodles right from home.  You get a really personal experience in a one-on-one workshop with your teacher.  So just because you can’t visit Florence doesn’t mean you can’t get an amazing Italian foodie experience!  Click here to get started.