Find out how to save money at Tree Hotel in Harads, Sweden

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Have you ever dreamed of staying in a tree house, surrounded by nature?

Are you looking for an unforgettable travel experience?

At Treehotel in Harads, Sweden, you can stay in a uniquely themed room that’s located amongst the trees.

We’ll let you know how this amazing hotel even came to be! We’ll also let you know about how you can experience nature at Treehotel and the distinctive room options. And if you’re looking for a discount or promo code to save money on your hotel stay, then you’ll be happy to know we share how to find the lowest nightly rate available.

Treehotel Guesthouse & Hotel History

Before there were treerooms (more about them later!), there was a guest house, then known as Britta’s Pensionat (named after one of the founders, Britta Jonsson-Lindvall).

One summer, a filmmaker, Jonas Selberg Augustsén, and his film crew spent a lot of time at the guesthouse. During this time, they worked on the film Trädälskaren (The Tree Lover). For the film, a large treehouse was constructed in the forest. After production was finished, Jonsson-Lindvall didn’t want to see a beautiful treehouse like that go to waste, so soon guests were able to rent out the treehouse.

This led to the inspiration of other designer hotel rooms built in the trees. Jonsson-Lindvall’s husband and fellow founder, Kent Lindvall, happened to take a fishing trip around this time with a group of friends.  He mentioned the concept to these friends, who also happened to be three of the most prominent architects in Sweden: Thomas Sandell, Mårten Cyrén, and Bertil Harström. They were naturally intrigued, and agreed to each design one room.

Today, Britta’s Pensionat is known as the Treehotel Guesthouse. It’s where Treehotel guests check in and where they can visit the restaurant and bar. It’s also where the breakfast buffet (included in the room price) is located. The Guesthouse boasts an authentic 1930-50’s feel and is a nice place to relax. Additionally, there are six rooms with a capacity for 12 beds.

Perfect for Nature Lovers

To keep with the general treehouse theme, each individual room at Treehotel is suspended 4 to 6 meters above ground. You’ll feel refreshed as you take in stunning views of the forest, unspoiled nature, and the Lule River.

Speaking of unspoiled nature, Treehotel is dedicated to sustainability and protecting both the environment and the local heritage. Some of the measures in place at the hotel include:

  • Construction is on live trees without destroying the tree or chopping down any trees
  • Most construction work done by local companies
  • Electricity supplied locally from green hydroelectric power
  • Low energy LED-systems for lighting
  • Modern, environmentally friendly combustion toilets
  • Water-efficient sinks with running water (showers located in a separate building)
  • No sewage system (wastewater is collected and emptied daily)

Treerooms at Treehotel

Some of Scandinavia’s top architects contributed to the designs of these creative rooms.


As the name suggests, this room is designed as a circular UFO! To enter and exit the room, you’ll climb an electric, collapsible ladder through a hatch in the floor. And while inside the room, you’ll feel the UFO move, since the structure is suspended on wires and beams connected to the trees.

The ceiling contains a starry sky, and the rest of the interior is designed with the same outer space theme in mind.

There is one double bed and three single beds, which makes it a popular family room. A group of up to 5 adults can also stay in the UFO, as long as the adults on the single beds aren’t too tall.

Please note that large suitcases must be left in the luggage room of the main building.

Bird’s Nest

This room is disguised as a giant bird’s nest! It blends in quite well with the surrounding environment. To access the room, climb a ladder and enter through a hatch in the floor.

If this entrance sounds similar to that of the UFO, you may be interested to know that both rooms were designed by architect Bertil Harström. And like the UFO, you’ll need to leave your larger luggage in the luggage room. But while the UFO design is literally out of this world, the Bird’s Nest looks as natural as can be.

There is room for up to 4 adults, making this a great choice for families with children (or groups of adults). Please note that a couple of the beds are curved to follow the walls. There are sliding doors which can create separate bedrooms.

The Mirrorcube

The outside of this cubed shaped room (at 4 by 4 by 4 metres) is covered with mirrors. This unique design reflects the surrounding setting and causes it to blend in remarkably well. The base itself is an aluminum frame, with an opening for a tree trunk that actually grows into the room. Hidden behind the mirror exterior is a balcony, so you can go outside of the cube without being seen.

This room can accommodate up to two guests.

You can get an idea of what the room looks like with this video:


If you want to stay in a treeroom but want more space, the Dragonfly is a good option for you. It’s the second largest room, at 52 square metres.

From the Dragonfly, you can enjoy a tranquil view of the forest, as well as a view of the Lule River Valley.

To reach the room, you’ll take a 15 metre ramp that leads to a small patio outside the door. It makes a great location for a wedding proposal!

The Dragonfly is mostly used for private accommodation. With four beds and two bedrooms, it works well for a family, four friends, or two couples. It can also function as a social or conference space for up to 6 people, if they are staying in other rooms.

The Cabin

This room (and the deck on top) is at the top of a steep slope overlooking the Lule River valley. To get to the Cabin, you’ll walk up a long bridge that starts at ground level and ends at a door that appears to hover in mid-air.

Once inside, marvel at breathtaking views of the trees as you relax in comfortable seating by the windows.

The room size is 24 square meters, making it a good choice for two people. And it’s actually considered one of the most romantic rooms at Treehotel.

The Blue Cone

This room is a traditional wooden construction, with an exterior made of pinewood shingle. (This is the material that was traditionally used locally to cover roofs of old houses.) There are three pillars on the ground which support the Blue Cone. Between that and the sloped terrain below the room, you have the sensation of being high up in the air.

What I love most about the Blue Cone is that it’s a great option if you’re looking for accessibility. The entrance is a long, slightly sloping ramp. And the toilet is extra spacious.

The thing I love second most about the Blue Cone is that it’s not actually blue! While blue is my favorite color, I find it amusing that the exterior is actually a bright red color – for no official reason! One story is that the architect Thomas Sandell chose the Blue Cone as a working name but then discovered a red colour so wonderful that he decided to use it instead. Another theory is that Sandell wanted to use a more noticeable colour so that the Blue Cone would stand out more than the nearby Mirrorcube room.

7th Room

The 7th Room is the second newest room at Treehotel (and also, as you probably guessed, the seventh added).

From the 7th Room, you can enjoy a variety of different vantage points.

For example, the stairs that lead to the entrance have multiple storeys. Inside the room, there are panoramic windows that face the northern lights and the river valley. Skylight windows inside the bedrooms provide a view of the bright summer night sky.

The most unique view from the room would have to be via the terrace in the middle of the room. It has a naturally growing pine in the middle and is formed by a net floor. Through that net floor, you can see 10 metres down!

Inside the 7th Room, you’ll find two bedrooms with two beds each, and an additional 120 cm bed in the lounge. From the bedrooms and the lounge, there are large sliding doors facing the net terrace. In the summer, you can get a breeze going by opening the doors. You can also use the built in air conditioning.

On cooler nights, you’ll stay comfortable thanks to a temperature controlled fireplace. The fireplace will automatically light itself once it falls below a certain temperature.


The newest Treehotel room, the Biosphere, will open in May 2022.

The exterior of the room contains 340 bird nests. This makes it an ideal place to stay if you love birds! In fact, one of the goals of the Biosphere is to help combat the downward spiral of the bird population in the Swedish woods. At the same time, guests can experience being in the center of the forest’s birdlife.

You can enjoy remarkable views from inside the room. There’s also access to a roof terrace that provides 360 degree forest views.

The room’s entrance is accessible by a suspended bridge.

How to Get the Best Treehotel Price

Staying at any of the rooms at Treehotel would certainly be a memorable experience. Some might even call it priceless. That being said, I’m sure you’d like to get the best price on a Treehotel stay!

Luckily, you can click here and find the lowest prices for a hotel stay at Treehotel in North Sweden.