Coupon, promo code for Gator Mike's Fun Park in Cape Coral, Florida

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If you are looking for fun activities the whole family can enjoy in Cape Coral, Florida, then you need to head to Gator Mike’s.  Gator Mike’s Family Fun Park has so many great attractions, and they are always expanding what they offer.  For example, Mellow Mushroom is soon going to join Gator Mike’s.

But in the meantime, there are so many fun activities kids and adults can enjoy here.  I want to tell you about them.  And then I want to tell you about some great coupons for Gator Mike’s!

Dinosaur Falls Mini Golf

One of the most exciting parts of Gator Mike’s is one of their newest additions, and that is Dinosaur Falls Mini Golf.  This activity is fun for mini golf and dinosaurs enthusiasts alike!

This mini golf course actually features 12 life-like animatronic dinosaurs!  So when it is not your turn, you can enjoy seeing these amazing life-like animatronics.  These also make great photo opportunities!

In addition to the dinosaurs, the mini golf course also features beautiful landscaping and water features.  And of course, there are the 19-holes.  Oh, and they also have a 22-foot volcano that even shoots flames!


Gator Mike’s also has a new outdoor paintball arena that’s a lot of fun.  They provide you with everything you’ll need like paintball guns, ammunition, and protective gear.

You get a choice as to what your adventure will be like.  There is Traditional Paintball.  That uses 68 caliber paintballs.  But then you can also try Low Impact Paintball.  This uses 50 caliber paintballs that are smaller and they won’t hit as hard.  Low Impact Paintball is recommended for children ages five to thirteen as well as adults (like myself) who would prefer an experience with less sting.

Aerial Adventure and Rope Course

Would you like to climb a 36-foot wall?  Work your way through a 14-element aerial ropes course?  Feel as if you are flying on a 600-foot zip line?  Well the Aerial Adventure and Rope Course at Gator’s Mike has all this with their aerial ropes, climb walls, and zipline.

Virtuix Omni Arena

If you want a truly epic way to experience virtual reality, then you need head to the Virtuix Omni Arena at Gator Mike’s!  You’ll be able to experience interaction and gameplay you won’t get anywhere else.  You could play alone or you can play with up to three friends or family members.

They’ve got six great games.  You can work to defeat zombies in Dead Zone: Zombies.  You can investigate an abandoned manor for supernatural activity in Paranormal.  Other games include Blackbeard (Trials of Skull Island), Hardpoint, Core Defense, Elite Force, and Gunslinger.


There are also a lot of fun non-VR games you can play at Gator Mike’s as well in their Video Game Arcade.  This includes classic arcade games like Asteroids or Pac Man.


Enjoy a full five-minute drive on Gator Mike’s Grand National Track.  You can go-kart solo or with a friend.  Parents also can ride with their kids.  Just please note that you must be at least 4’10” to drive one of the go-karts.

Axe Throwing

Gator Mike’s is a great place to go if you love axe throwing or you’ve ever wanted to try axe throwing.  In fact, it is a great place to go if you’ve never done it before because they’ll have experts (or as they like to call them, “axe-perts”) there to teach you the basics of axe throwing and they’ll also stick around to help you with your throwing techniques.


So about those coupons!  There are multiple coupons available and the discounts are automatic, so no coupon code or promo code will be needed.

Dinosaur Falls Mini Golf Coupons

If you purchase a mini golf pass here, then you can save up to 47% on a round of mini golf.  There are ticket options available for one to five people.

Gator Mike’s Paintball Coupons

There are also multiple discounted tickets available for paintball.  You can purchase from one to six players or from 200 paintballs to 1,000 paintballs.  You can save up to 37% with these coupons and you can find these coupons here.