Discounted unlimited golf for one day at Gilligan's Island Funland in Myrtle Beach, SC area

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Want to feel like you’re at Gilligan’s Island?  Well, that is, without, you know, getting stranded on a deserted island after going on a three-hour tour.

Well, you may not completely feel like you’ve walked upon Gilligan’s Island when you visit Gilligan’s Island Mini Golf.  But you should have a lot of fun playing miniature golf!

Gilligan’s Island Mini Golf is located in Murrel’s Inlet, South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach.  Its address is 3009 S Hwy 17 in Garden City, South Carolina.

Gilligan’s Island Funland has two different challenging 18-hole mini golf courses.  The golf courses are surrounded by beautiful landscaping.  You’ll golf through, around, under, and over streams, waterfalls, rocks, bridges, tropical plants, and caves.

Gilligan’s Island is also home to secrets.  Or, at least, a secret hole.  Somewhere within the golf courses is a secret hole.  And if you get a hole-in-one at this secret hole, you can win a free game!

Playing on the sand or in the water on the beach is a lot of fun.  But sometimes you might want to shake up your vacation in Murrel’s Inlet.  And that is what Gilligan’s Island Funland provides for you and your family.  Playing mini golf together is a wonderful family activity.  It can be fun for adults and children.  In fact, you may have so much fun you’ll wish you were really stranded on Gilligan’s Island!

At the very least, you can settle for a day of mini golf with the following coupon.


So you’re looking to save money on a day at Gilligan’s Island Funland?  Well, you have come to the right place.  Because Green Vacation Deals readers can get a great discounted price if they click here.

You’ll save up to 42% on admission.  Your discounted ticket gets you Unlimited Mini Golf for a day.  Please be aware the day is limited to 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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