Discount ticket for Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge Smoky Mountains area

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Alcatraz East Crime Museum

Move over San Francisco!  If you want a vacation where you visit Alcatraz, then consider a visit to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Because that’s where the Alcatraz East Crime Museum is!  This is the perfect place to go for anyone who is fascinated by dark history.

The Alcatraz East Crime Museum explores American from a different perspective.  There are five unique galleries in the 2-story, 25,000 square feet building.  The design of the building blends the design of the Tennessee State Prison with the Alcatraz lighthouse.  And once you are inside, you’ll see great exhibits.  You’ll learn about criminal profiles, victim’s stories, forensic science, crime prevention, the penal system, and more.

So what are the five galleries, you might be wondering?  Well, I’m glad you asked!

A Notorious History of American Crime

In the gallery, you will see the evolution of criminals through time.  You’ll start with pirates and the gunslingers of the Old West.  It will progress from there to more modern crimes, such as white-collar criminals and even 9/11.  There’s even a getaway car exhibit, which features O.J. Simpson’s famous Bronco.

Crime Scene Investigation

Are you interested in how crimes are solved?  Do you have an interest in forensic science?  Then you will love this gallery!  You’ll learn about ballistics, facial reconstruction, fingerprinting, DNA and blood analysis.

Crime Fighting

The Crime Fighting gallery celebrates the law enforcement agencies & departmens that keep us safe.  You’ll learn about everything from local police officers to famous lawmen.

Counterfit Crimes & Pop Culture

This gallery dives into the illegal traffic and sale of counterfit goods.  It also features crimes by famous athletes & entertainment figures.

Punishment: The Consequence of Crime

This exhibit shows the consequence of crimes.  This includes a police lineup, mug shots, and a lie detector test.  You can experience being in a jail cell.


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