A picture of the Georgia Queen on the Savannah Riverfront

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Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful city that is rich with history and interesting stories.  A great way to experience all of this is to take a Riverboat Cruise on the Savannah River!

The River Street Riverboat Company has a great 90-minute sightseeing cruise. It takes place aboard the Georgia Queen

A picture of the Georgia Queen on the Savannah Riverfront

My family decided to try it last week and we really loved it.  So, of course, we wanted to tell you about our experience.  And we want to tell you some tips to make your experience even better!

The sightseeing cruise starts at the Riverboat Ticket Office on River Street.  Last week, we were staying at the Hyatt Regency Savannah Riverfront Hotel.  This cruise is particularly convenient if you are staying there.  It was about a two-minute walk from our room to the boat.  You really can’t beat that kind of convenience!  But the hotel would also be convenient if you were staying anywhere around River Street.

It is a very large ship, and you can sit anywhere on the third and fourth decks.  You can buy drinks and food onboard (and not just snacks, either, but food like burgers as well).

You can purchase drinks and food onboard during the Georgia Queen Savannah Riverboat Sightseeing Cruise

We chose a bench at the front of the ship on the fourth floor since it was shaded but had great views.  There is plenty of seating with tables at the front of the desk so you can enjoy a great view with a drink (or food, too).

There's plenty of seating and tables at the front of the fourth deck of the Savannah Riverboat Sightseeing Cruise

There is also plenty of seating and tables at the back of the fourth floor as well.

There is plenty of seating aboard the Georgia Queen so you can sit comfortably during a Savannah Riverboat Sightseeing Cruise

Most of the tour is narrated.  We were able to learn a lot of interesting facts about Savannah.  For example, we learned about the story behind the famous “Waving Girl” of Savannah, Florence Martus, and also learned about Old Fort Jackson.  You also learn about how the ship you’re on, the Georgia Queen, was made famous by the hit Netflix show Ozark!

And of course, you see great sights.  The water is beautiful.  And I love seeing all the hotels and shops around River Street from a different perspective.  I also love seeing the hotels, too, like The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa, and the other landmarks.

A picture of a view from the Georgia Queen my family rode during a Savannah Riverboat Sightseeing Cruise

A review of an afternoon sightseeing cruise on the Savannah River where you can get views like the one pictured here

You can see The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa and other Savannah landmarks on the Savannah Riverboat Sightseeing Cruise

A picture of Old Fort Jackson you can see from a Savannah Riverboat Seeing Cruise

You could see animals on this cruise, but obviously, that is not guaranteed.  When we were on the cruise, we did get a glimpse of a bald eagle.  It’s possible you could see a dolphin, too, though we did not on our cruise.

Overall, I am so glad we finally took this boat tour.  It was a really fun and enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.  It was a wonderful addition to a Savannah vacation.


Since this is a cruise and this has to start at a specific time, you won’t be able to do it if you’re late (unlike, say, when you go to a movie).  So make sure you arrive with plenty of time (at least 30 minutes before the cruise begins, so around 30 to 60 minutes prior).

There is seating inside on the third deck.  So if you get really hot, you can go inside and enjoy the cruise from there.

A picture of the interior of the third deck of the Georgia Queen from a Savannah riverboat sightseeing cruise my family took

Speaking of getting hot, consider buying a bottle of water on deck to stay hydrated during the ride.  Also, you may want to buy sunblock before you go – sitting on a 90-minute boat ride in the summer in the south can get you quite burned.

If you need to go to the bathroom, head to the third deck.  There are no bathrooms on the fourth deck, just the third.

Booking a Ticket

You can book a ticket for this Savannah Riverboat Sightseeing Cruise here.