Discount tickets to Halloween event, Spooky at the Rockin’ R Ranch in Cleveland, Ohio

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Spooky at the Rockin’ R Ranch in Cleveland will bring your worst nightmares to life.  There are five different haunted attractions on this piece of horrifying farmland.  

The Haunted Barn

A skull sits atop the Haunted Barn emitting great clouds of fog and staring at you with glowing green eyes.  Listen to screams and spooky noises as you get your tickets.

The Famous Haunted Hayride

The Haunted Hayride mixes fright with surprises and humor.  This spooky ride makes use of pyrotechnics and 30 foot tall animated creatures.

The Bloodslingers Saloon

Bloodslinger’s Saloon will have you experiencing cowboys and outlaws coming back to life.  It’s filled with frights, surprises and 19th century dramatic sets.

Monster Vision in 3D

Put on 3D glasses and experience chills, thrills, terror and excitement in a 3 dimensionnal colorful haunted house. And it’s not just any haunted house – it’s one that’s haunted by zombie clowns!

The Extreme Nightmares Haunted House

The Extreme Nightmare Haunted House features extreme blood, guts, gore, terror and in your face acting.  This is a theatrical production with high tech effects that will put you in the middle of a horror movie.  So extreme is this experience that it is not recommended for children, pregnant women and people with heart conditions.

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Additional Information

Parking is free, with plenty available.

The scare actors will not grab you, nor will they intentionally touch you (though it’s possible one might accidentally bump into you).

Wheelchairs and strollers are allowed, though they will not be available to rent.

It is recommended that you wear warm clothes and old boots or shoes. Flip flops or open-toe shoes are not recommended.

Each haunted house should take between 15-30 minutes, depending on the house.