Discounted ticket for alligator sanctuary in Athens, MI

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Alligator Sanctuary In Athens, Michigan

Get up close and personal with alligators at Alligator Sanctuary in Athens, Michigan.  

You’ll see huge outdoor enclosures filled with dozens of alligators.  Younger alligators are in the small swamp.  They will move up to larger and larger habitats as they grow.  Thirty-year-old 11 foot long Godzilla rules over the other enormous alligators in Godzilla’s Swamp.

This reptile sanctuary is educational and entertaining.  Learn more about nature as you explore the covered nursery for alligators too young and vulnerable to be in the outdoor swamp.  There’s a show with Godzilla and other large alligators that’s a lot of fun.

The Alligator Sanctuary is a reptile rescue facility that is open to the public.  They are home to hundreds of reptiles who came to them from adoption, rescue, donation, or other institutions.  No animals are bought or sold.  They provide a comfortable home and care for the animals for the rest of their lives.  The owner knows every animal and can tell you stories about each of them.


The Alligator Sanctuary has exhibits including

Elementary – Outdoor Swamp

3 to 5-year-old alligators live here with many turtles.  Small gator pellet food is available for purchase for feeding them.

The Middle School – Outdoor Swamp

Adolescent alligators swim and bask in the sun.  You can see social behaviors like territorial posturing and bellowing.  This is another popular feeding area.

Gator High School

You can watch from a seating area above the swamp.  See daily training activities with the alligators.  They’re taught their names and can respond to different colors, objects and word commands.

African Tortoise

See Giant Secatas graze.  They dig tunnels and caves to escape the surface on chilly days.

Jungle of the Amazon – Greenhouse

See dozens of tropical plants and lizards, giant toads, crocodilians, tree frogs, river fish and praying mantis.  There is a special plant that responds to touch.

Gazebo & Upper Level Observation Deck

This has lots of bench seating and a feeding area just over an alligator filled pond.  This is wheelchair accessible.

Lyle the Nile Crocodile

A 5 foot Nile Crocodile, Lyle was rescued from New York in 2017.  He loves to lie in the sand next to his pond and stare at visitors.


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