Discounted price for haunted Halloween attraction in Millington, MI

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Bates Haunted Sawmill In Millington, Michigan

Deep in the hills of Millington, Michigan, there once was a sawmill owned by William Bates.  There was a raging fire in 1881 and everyone burned to death, everyone, that is, except William Bates.  He survived the fire and still lives there today.  Locals say he consumers human flesh and that’s why he’s lived over 160 years.   Some say he’s a demon and the sawmill is a portal to hell.  Still others say he’s a cannibal.  What do you think?

If your idea of fun is running from a killer cannibal, you’re going to love this place!

Bates Haunted Sawmill is 20,000 square feet of pure unadulterated terror with monsters lurking around every turn.  There are 30 different scenes about an evil, flesh-eating man/creature.

Bloody and gory is the norm with a gritty realism that will haunt you.  Your journey into horror begins with a long, dark walk through a haunted maze in the woods.  Many dark and twisted creatures will jump out at you.

If you make it through the woods, you’ll enter a series of trailer homes that look like the inside of a nightmare.  Fog, fright-filled props, and scary sets will take you to a new level of horror.  Blood, guts, mayhem, gore, and carnage are all around you.  Intense costumed actors will be portraying monsters from your worst nightmares.

You’ll go from one terrifying scene to another.  There will be horrifying twists and shocking turns.

And the Slender Man is watching it all.  Lurking in corners and behind doors.  When he spots the one he wants, he’ll follow the unwary visitor.  Beware and be scared!  Just know there is no guarantee that one of these monsters won’t follow you home.

Every second will be terrifying and a whole lot of fun!

Safety & Location

To keep patrons and staff safe, masks are required.  Social distancing will be maintained, hand sanitizer will be available and groups will be strictly held to only 6 people.

Towns within 15 miles of Millington include Fostoria, Franknmuth, Birch Run, Otter Lake, Mayville, Vassar, Clio, Mount Morris, Columbiaville, and Otisville.  Detroit is 70 miles from Millington and Windsor, Canada, is 74 miles away.


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