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Milwaukee is filled with historical locations that housed unspeakable tragedies that gave birth to paranormal activity. Take a deep dive into the tortured spirits that prowl the streets after night falls.

Discover the secrets that hide in the shadows. The one hour Macabre Milwaukee Tour will take you to the locations of actual hauntings. Learn about phenomena for which there is no reasonable explanation, You’ll get a deeper glimpse into the history of Milwaukee than you will in another tour.

Walk down shadow veiled streets. If you feel something cold on the back of your neck, well, that’s just the cool night air. Isn’t it?

Riverside Theatre

The Riverside Theatre opened in 1928 and is still in operation today. Over the years, there have been numerous reports of sounds and sights that can’t be explained. There are reports of ghostly footsteps walking across the stage when no one’s there. Children have been heard laughing and running through the halls when no one’s there. The apparition of a man has been seen in the fourth floor men’s room.

Hear these and other stories of paranormal activity in the theatre. And, if you want to see for yourself, use our links to book tickets for a show there.

The Pfister Hotel

The Pfister Hotel was built in 1893 to be a luxury hotel. Restorations have made sure that it stayed that way.

Pfister Hotel is considered by many to be one of the most haunted hotels in the world. Footsteps are heard in the halls and there’s knocking on the door when there’s no one there. Air-conditioning and televisions turn on and off at will and electronics malfunction.

Your knowledgeable guide can tell you more about the hotel and, believe me, there’s a lot to tell.

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The Pabst Theater

You’ll see the Pabst Theater, built in 1870 by the beer baron Frederick Pabst. Hear of the instances of paranormal activity and who many believe is still in residence in the theater.

The Pabst Theater is still in operation and, after hearing about it, if you want to see for yourself, use our link to book a show there. You never know who might be sitting next to you.

City Hall

Milwaukee’s City Hall was for many years the tallest building in Wisconsin. From 1929 to 1940, 7 people jumped to their deaths from the upper floors to an open atrium. Hear their sad stories and learn what came next.

Hilton Garden Inn Milwaukee Downtown

Your tour will end at the Hilton Garden Inn Milwaukee Downtown. Your guide will tell you about the fire that killed over 70 people and how it still affects the site.

After hearing about the Hilton Garden Inn, if you want to book a night there, use our link to get the best available price.


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