Discounted ticket for Midwest Rum Festival in Chicago, Illinois

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Join in a celebration of rum at the Chicago Rum Festival, aka Midwest Rum Festival. It is coming to Logan Square Auditorium on April 30, 2022.

You’ll receive a 2 ounce souvenir snifter cup which you can use for the sampling. More than 50 expressions will be poured.

Rum is alcohol distilled from fermented sugar cane juice and its derivitives.

Classifications of Rum

There are 7 classifications of rum.

  1. Light Rum has been charcoal filtered to remove color. It is crisp and clear and works well in classic cocktails like Daiquiris.
  2. Gold Rum is caramel colored and is designed for mixing with soft drinks, like Coca-Cola and Ginger Ale.
  3. Dark Rum, aka Black Rum, is a blend of rum, with caramel or molasses added. It is used in tiki drinks and tropical punches.
  4. Overproof Rum is rum with a relatively high ABV (alcohol by volume). The strongest rum ever issued was 84.5% (169 proof).
  5. Spiced & Flavored Rum is young rum usually fruit flavored with the most popular being coconut.
  6. Aged Rum – All rum is aged to some degree but the longer it is aged, the more expensive it is. This is used in high quality cocktails.
  7. Rhum Agricole is predominantly made in the French West Indies. It is made from fresh pressed cane juice rather than molasses. It is expensive and is often enjoyed straight up.

Rum Distilleries

You can enjoy unlimited pours from different rums. Distillery representatives will be there discussing their top brands and new brands. They can tell you about the distilling process and answer any questions you may have. You can also attend brand seminars.

Participating rum distilleries include

  • El Dorado Rum
  • Ron Abuelo Panama
  • Diamond Reserve
  • Maggie’s Farm Rum
  • Grander Panama Rum
  • Mount Gay Barbados Rum
  • Star Union Spirits
  • Saint Benevolence Caribbean Rum
  • Rum Fire
  • Habitation Velier
  • Hampton Estate
  • Clairin
  • English Harbour Antigua Rum
  • The Scarlet Ibis
  • Smith & Cross
  • Uruapan
  • Bounty Rum Saint Lucia
  • Barcelo Ron Dominicano
  • Caliche Puerto Rican Rum
  • Exceptional Puerto Rican Rum
  • Worthy Park Estate Ltd.
  • Plantation Rum
  • Rum Bar
  • Triburon Rum
  • Centenario Ron
  • Tanduay Rum
  • The Real McCoy
  • Montarya
  • Foursquare Rum Distillery
  • Rhum J.M
  • Clement
  • Imbibe
  • Chairman’s Reserve Rum
  • WLK
  • Rumcask

Additional Information

Stroll from table to table sipping rum and talking to distillery representatives and other rum enthusiasts. You might just find a new favorite rum.

So bring your friends, sip and savor great rums and expand your palate and knowledge of um at the Chicago Rum Festival.


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