How to plan a vacation in the Grand Canyon on a budget

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If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting the Grand Canyon, you wouldn’t be alone.  It is one of the most famous and frequently traveled destinations in the United States.  The natural wonder will take your breath away.  It’s one of those destinations you want to make sure you visit at least once in your lifetime.

But you may worry that you don’t have the money to take a trip to the Grand Canyon.  But luckily, we’re going to help you make your dreams come true by giving you some great travel tips and heads up about deals that will make a trip to the Grand Canyon affordable for you.  Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, friends, partner, etc., you can all benefit from these tips.

Flying to the Grand Canyon

Now, depending where you live, you could drive to the Grand Canyon.  But that may be out of the question depending on where you live.  Like for me, it would take 31 hours to drive there and not everyone has the time to drive that many miles for a trip.  And if you live in say Europe or Asia, then obviously you are not driving to the Grand Canyon.  You’re going to need to fly.

But there are no flights straight to the Grand Canyon.  But one way to fly and save money is, believe it or not, to fly into Las Vegas.  Flights to Las Vegas are often cheaper than to other cities.  You can even find flights to Las Vegas as low as $24 one way here.  And while you may be over four hours away, there are transportation options from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon.

In fact, you could consider just visiting Grand Canyon for the day and taking a day trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon.  You can get a discounted tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon here.  The tour even picks you up from your hotel, includes a lunch and entry to Grand Canyon West, and is still cheaper than other transportation options to the Grand Canyon.

But if you want to stay in Grand Canyon more than one day and you fly into Las Vegas, then check out these Greyhound bus rates.

Grand Canyon RV Rentals

Depending on where you live of course, you could also consider combining your transportation and lodging options by renting an RV.  You can find out the best RV campgrounds near Grand Canyon – and how to rent an RV – here.

Camping in the Grand Canyon

A wonderful way to really take in the amazing natural landscapes of the Grand Canyon area is to take a camping trip to the Grand Canyon.  This can be more economical than finding a high price lodge nearby.  Plus it has the added bonus of getting you feeling like you are closer to nature which can be very relaxing and invigorating.

You can find out the best campgrounds in the Grand Canyon here.

If you are in need of camping equipment, you can find camping equipment on sale here.

Grand Canyon Lodging

Looking for affordable hotels near the Grand Canyon?  You can find the best prices for these hotels here.

But how about staying in a bed and breakfast?  Check out our list of the best Grand Canyon bed and breakfasts.

You can find the best prices for Grand Canyon vacation rentals here.

And by the way, if your trip to the Grand Canyon is a romantic one, check out these romantic Grand Canyon hotels.

Grand Canyon Activity Coupons

Once you are at the Grand Canyon, there are things you’ll want to enjoy to make your trip even more special.  But a lot of these things cost.  Luckily, we know of coupons that will help you save money on these excursions: