Discount ticket for Halloween Hush Haunted Attraction haunted houses in Westland, MI

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Hush Haunted Attraction is Michigan’s premier haunted house event. They have been featured on NBC, Metro Times, Detroit News and Coaster Nation. Hush has not one, not two, but three absolutely spectacular haunted houses that are guaranteed to make you scream.

Hush is located in an enormous 40,000 square foot building filled with absolute terror. That’s a lot of space for a lot of frights.

You know that something eerie and dreadful is going on behind those walls and you’re curious about what could be going on. And that curiosity could lead to your demise.


Hellmouth is the entry to Hell. Enter and you’ll be stepping into your worst nightmare. Descend into the darkness. Enter a sinister maze full of the things that go bump in the night. Know that you have left your world for a world filled with horror. There are humans in agony, chained to the wall, sizzling in barrels of acid. Explore the abandoned mine where humanoid miners hide, hungry for human flesh. You’ll feel like someone is watching you. That’s because they are. Watching and waiting for the chance to get you. And the deeper you walk into the abyss, the more insane it gets.

Ancient Evil

Next, in Ancient Evil, you’ll stumble upon a really eerie swamp and haunted catacombs. This is what New Orleans would look like if it was located in Hell. Huge beasts and witches are lurking in the shadows. You’ll come to a cemetery haunted by the ghost of a powerful Voodoo doctor. He was fed to the alligators in the bayou by the townspeople. His spirit wants revenge on any and all. Fear will propel you forward faster as you speed through overgrown crypts and freshly dug graves trying to escape the ancient evil.

Rosecliff Hall

You’ve made it this far and now Rosecliff Hall towers over you. The house is a tribute to death and pain. Its last owner was a serial killer who delighted in the horrors of the house. Find out what happened to the last people who were unlucky enough to get caught exploring Rosecliff Hall. Good luck in finding your way out….alive. You’ll need it. Can you scream when your heart is in your throat?

You can expect spine tingling special effects and lots of gore on your hair raising, heart pounding journey. You’ll find out why Coastal Nation named Hush Haunted Attraction one of the top haunted attractions in the country.

Towns within 12 miles of Westland include Dearborn, Novi, Wayne, Livonia, Garden City, Canton, Inkster, Allen Park and Farmington. Westland is 18 miles from Detroit, 19 miles from Windsor, Canada, 47 miles from Toledo, Ohio, and 104 miles from Cleveland.


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