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When I hear the most haunted American cities, I think of New Orleans and St. Augustine. Indianapolis does not come to mind. Perhaps it should.

Take the one hour Indianapolis Ghosts Tour and learn of the tragedies and misfortunes that make up the city’s deadly past. See the dark side of the city and learn why these restless spirits prowl the streets at night.

Indiana’s first governor, William Harrison, removed the remaining Native Americans from their homes and the state. A curse was placed on him by a powerful tribal leader called “The Prophet.” Harrison won the presidency in 1840 but died a month after his inauguration. The next 5 presidents winning in a year ending in 0 would die untimely deaths while in office. A coincidence? Possibly. But even the cemetery where President Harrison is buried is the most haunted in the state.

You’ll see the apartment building of Dr. Helene Knabe, a renowned expert in public health. She did ground breaking research although it was rumored that she was working with stolen cadavers. She was found dead in her apartment with her throat slit. Her murder was never solved. Since then, people in the apartment building have heard the sounds of disembodied footsteps and murmurs when no one is there as well as the specter of a woman in a blue kimono.

You’ll see the Indiana State Capitol Building and your guide will tell you about the black orbs, phantom horses and “Ghost Lady” that can be found there.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has seen 41 driver deaths in violent crashes. Hear about the frightening experiences of Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt.

You’ll also hear of hauntings at the Indianapolis Athletic Club, Indiana Repertory Theatre, the Rivoli Theatre and many more. Hear tales of betrayal, scandals, suicides, lost loves, murders and so much more. If you feel a chill creeping up the back of your neck, well, that’s just the crisp night air. Isn’t it?


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