Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt discount ticket

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You’ve heard the rumors, we all have. They scared you and you wondered if they were true. Well, wonder no more because they are true. The dead are refusing to stay dead.

No one knows where the infection started, but they are getting closer. The zombies are headed for Metamora and we are all in danger. The number of the undead are growing every day. Metamora needs your help in stopping the spread of the living dead.

A zombie apocalypse is happening. Come to the Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt and help save the Wolverine State. You’re being recruited. Are you up for the challenge? Do you have what it takes?

The Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt is an outdoor interactive experience that will have you hunting the undead. You will be given a special paintball gun with 140 paintballs filled with zombie killing pathogens. You’ll be on a covered trailer. Then you’ll go deep into the dark woods and the hunt is on!

It will be very dark and spooky. The woods will become a hunting ground as you’ll be hunting them and they’ll be hunting you. And the zombies will be really, really hungry.

Do you have what it takes to get out of the woods alive?

You won’t know when the zombies will attack or where they will be. Be on the lookout at all times. The undead always attack when you least expect it. Be prepared to blast them with your special paintballs. Shoot quickly and shoot to kill! Get trigger happy! Metamora is counting on you.

Will you become one of the undead or will you survive?

You’ll find that shooting moving zombies is a lot of fun. Bring your family and your friends and see who’s the best shot.

There is no age limit at the Zombie Hunt. Additional paintballs will be available for purchase.


Towns within 15 miles of Metamora, Michigan, are Lake Orion, Davison, Oxford, Attica, Romeo, Dryden, Leonard, Columbiaville, Lapeer, Goodrich, Almont and Ortonville. Metamora is 23 miles away from Rochester, 44 miles from Detroit, 45 miles from Windsor, Canada, 90 miles from Toledo, Ohio, 103 miles from London, Canada, and 128 miles from Cleveland.


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