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Looking for a fun and exciting way to spend time with your friends or family in Madison, Wisconsin?  How about working together in a fun escape room?

That is just what you can do at Escape in Time.  At Escape in Time, you and your group can work together to figure out clues and solve puzzles.  And you can try to get out of the escape room in less than an hour!

Escape in Time has some great escape rooms with interesting backstories.

Captain’s Cove

The setting is somewhere in the Caribbean in the year 1658.  The famous hook-handed Captain McGinnis had met his true love Rose on the high sea.  He hated to be away from her and wanted to keep her around at all times, even when he and his crew set sail.  But his crew was a backward bunch who believed the old tale that it was bad luck to have a woman aboard.  So they mutinied against Captain McGinnis and threw Rose overboard.

But of course doing something like that won’t end well, right?  As fate would have it, a storm brew and their ship washed ashore.  No living souls were left onboard.

Now your screw has come across the wreck.  You’ve decided to get the courage up to walk onto the cursed vessel.  You’ll need to find Captain McGinnis’ treasure and break the curse.  And you’ll need to do this within sixty minutes – or you risk becoming cursed as well!

This escape room is available for guests ages seven years old and older.

Water Landing

The year is 1978.  Flight 482, a redeye flight from Amsterdam to Newark, has made an unexpected stop.  See, the Boeing 747’s engine failed and the pilot hand to land the plane in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Now you have sixty minutes to deboard the plane…as long as it stays afloat, of course.

This escape room is available for guests ages seven years old and older.


The setting is Outer Space in the year 2320.  You are in quite a bit of a pickle.  The Bounty Hunter scum Draden Briggs has kidnapped you and your friends. He’s transporting you and your group to the planet Xionia.  He’s forcing you guys to work in the copper mines for the remainder of your days.

This is a 4-year space journey.  But you are traveling in cryosleep.  This is a form of hibernation that makes it feel like only 8 hours.

But now you have awoken early due to a malfunction!  Briggs is coming out of cryosleep, too.  And now the timer is counting down 60 minutes until he wakes.  So now you guys need to free yourselves from the locked cryocells and take control of the ship.  And then you’ll have to set a course for your home planet before Draden Briggs wakes up!

This escape room is available for guests ages thirteen years old and older.

Eat or be Eaten

So you thought you would enjoy a jet boat through the Everglades.  But that clearly did not go as planned.  Because now you find yourself waking up covered in blood and with a pounding headache.  You are at what looks to be an abandoned meat packing plant. But then you hear horrific noises coming from the other room.  So now you wonder if it’s truly abandoned.  And now the clock is ticking and you must find a way out of here.

This escape room is available for guests ages thirteen years old and older.

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