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Wisconsin Dells is known for its wonderful waterparks.  And the grandest of them all is arguably Noah’s Ark.  It has the distinction of not only being the biggest waterpark in Wisconsin Dells.  But it is also the biggest waterpark in America!

Being the biggest waterpark in America of course means it has a lot of great attractions.  So I want to tell you about them.  And then I want to tell you how you can save money on admission here!



Chameleon is the newest waterslide attraction at Noah’s Ark Waterpark.  It has the distinction of being the first slide in Wisconsin Dells to incorporate vibrant light and dynamic sounds.  You can enjoy this while plunging down a 520-foot-long ride on a raft that can fit up to four people.

Scorpion’s Tail

Scorpion’s Tail has the distinction of being America’s first nearly vertical looping waterslide!  It is an intense attraction that is not for wimps like, well, me.  It is ten stories high, 400 feet long, and has an initial drop where you plummet over 50 feet per second.  This attraction is definitely for the bravest thrillseekers!

Black Anaconda

Black Anaconda is one of the longest water coasters in America.  It’s over a fourth mile long and you’ll go up six hills and down with lots of twists and turns along the way with speeds of close to thirty miles per hour.

Sting Ray

Sting Ray is the only double slide of its kind.  You can ride it by yourself but when you ride it with a partner, you can face your partner.  And while the ride may look gentle and relaxing, it’s actually considered one of the scariest rides in the waterpark!

Time Warp

Time Warp is the first behemoth bowl ride in the world!  This family raft ride for up to four people features gravity-defying spins up high on the walls, spinning around a bowl, and a final drop into the pool.


Did you know that the world’s largest king cobra can actually be found at Noah’s Ark – and it is not an actual animal but a raft ride?  It’s one of the most thrilling rides at Noah’s Ark, too.  It’s got over 335 feet of twists and turns, and you get to ride it at speeds of up to 32 miles per hour.  All of this is leading up to the final drop, which plunges you 37 feet so you can meet the King Cobra face-to-face.  But rather than being scared, it will feel nice when its fangs spray water on you!

Flash Flood

Here is an attraction you won’t find at just any waterpark: a log flume ride!  You’ll feel like you’re going over Niagara Falls when you ride this attraction.

Surfing Safari

Everyone knows you can go to a waterpark in Wisconsin Dells.  But did you know that you can surf there, too?  Well, you can if you try this exciting attraction!

Point of No Return

This thrilling, yet, terrifying, slide attraction is appropriately named because once you realize how steep the drop is, there’s no turning back.  The highlight of the attraction is of course that thrilling and scary nearly-vertical plunge.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is one mystery that has always fascinated me.  And it is a good title for this raft ride because you never know what to expect at each twist and turn down the slide!

Black Thunder

Black Thunder is a waterslide attraction that not only features twists and turns but total darkness as well!  There are four different slides you can choose from, including Witches Gulch and Twin Twisters.


Quadzilla is a four-lane, head-first, mat race slide attraction where you can race your friends and family down enclosed and twisting tunnels.

Congo Bongo

Congo Bongo is a 5-person family raft attraction with over 700 feet of twists and turns, including one part where you go backwards into a hard turn in the rapids

Adventure River

A large lazy river where you can relax while floating around on an inner tube.  But be warned – every now and then you will encounter a geyser or a cascading waterfall!  You can ride it solo or on a double tube.

Toucan Twisters

Toucan Twisters is a slide attraction that features five different body slides and is great for kids because you can choose the best one for your child’s age.  Double-riding is even allowed so you can ride with your child, too!

Monkey Rapids

Monkey Rapids is a slide attraction that features three different mini-slides in a milder raft experience.  And they all land in Adventure River, so you can enjoy a relaxing lazy river after the slide.


Kowabunga is a 4-person circular raft ride where you plummet down over 500 feet.

Tadpole Bay

Tadpole Bay is a gigantic children’s water play structure.  Highlights of this water playground include 4 kid’s water slides, 50 different swings, and a huge 8-foot dump bucket.

Kahuna Wave Pool

Being in the midwest you may think you can’t enjoy ocean waves.  But you can feel that sensation in the Kahuna Wave Pool, where you’ll get ocean-sized waves that peak every ten minutes.


The youngest guests can enjoy climbing, sliding, and exploring on a yellow submarine.

Endless River

Another lazy river attraction where you can just relax in your inner tube and let the current take you around and around.

Paradise Lagoon

Looking for a challenge during your visit to Noah’s Ark?  Well, Paradise Lagoon does that – and keeps you active.  Enjoy ziplining over the water or racing a friend while attempting to walk over lily pads without falling.  This is an attraction the whole family can enjoy with a shallow area younger guests can enjoy.  Please note, though, that life vests are prohibited in this area so your child will need to know how to swim to enjoy Paradise Lagoon.

Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay is a shallow pool for the littler guests that has fountains, water cannons, and miniature slides.  There are comfortable beach chairs with great views around the entire playground, so parents can keep an eye on the little ones.

Jumping Waters

At the base of the Sting Ray double slide is a stream of water that will seemingly leap out at you.

Elephants Pond

Elephants Pond is a shallow water pool attraction for little kids.

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