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The largest Halloween event in the Wichita, Kansas area is back!

The popular, family-friendly event Pumpkins at the Park is back at Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, Kansas.  It takes place on Saturdays in October from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM.

There are so many great activities kids and adults can enjoy at this event.  I want to tell you about them.  And then I’ll tell you how you can save money on your ticket!

Pumpkin Patch

This event is called Pumpkins at the Park.  So there has to be a pumpkin patch, right?

Children can look for the perfect pumpkin at Pumpkins at the Park, as pumpkins are available for an additional charge.

Trick-or-Treat Stations

There are fifteen different trick-or-treat stations for children.  Most of them offer
candy, though there are a few that have other small gifts.

Waterfall Light Show with Music

A state-of-the-art light show was created in 2013 at Tanganyika Wildlife Park.  It is still the only one of its kind in the area.  The light show is accompanied by more than six songs including Halloween season favorites like Monster Mash and Thriller!

Ghoulish Games

All children ages twelve years old and younger get a free punch card for three different games.  You can earn tickets at the games that can be redeemed for Halloween prizes!

Creepy Crawlers

Most of the animals at Tanganyika Wildlife Park are asleep for the night.  Some of the “creepy crawlers” should be awake and ready to interact with guests!  This includes snakes, birds, and lizards.  You can even get a picture taken with one of these “creepy crawlers”!

7-Minute Escape Rooms

Maybe you can get out of an escape room in 60 minutes.  But can you get out of one in seven minutes?  That is your challenge in the event’s fast-paced escape rooms.  And if you escape the room not only do you, you know, probably save your life, but you also get a free treat from Dairy Queen!

Henry’s Haunted Inflatable

Henry’s Haunted Inflatable is an obstacle course made of inflatables designed for children of all ages.

Creepy Crafts

Kids can head to Creepy Crafts to make a keepsake they can take home from this special night.  It’s located in the Chamber of Mystery.

Cage Maze of Doom

Wondering if there are enough activities for teens here?  Well, Cage Maze of Doom is a great choice for teens, as it is not for the faint of heart.  It was added to the festival in 2011 and has been a fan favorite ever since.

Zombie Task Force Academy

Zombie Task Force Academy is another great activity for teens.  It involves guests testing their skills in a 10-minute battle with other recruits.

One thing that makes this experience fun is the equipment.  The Zombie Task Force (or ZTF) Laser Tag experience has the only tactical laser tag equipment of its kind in Kansas.  Another thing that makes it fun is the different scenarios.  Game types are chosen randomly.  So you could be working with other recruits to topple another team.  You could also start as a “zombie” and you have to infect the others.  Or it could be a Survival Game where each person has a limited amount of lives and the last one standing wins.

No matter what, it should be a lot of fun.

“Haunted” Hay Ride

Take a free hayride through the field while you enjoy listening to a tale from the park.

Dr. Frank N. Stein’s Lab

Dr. Frank N. Stein’s Lab is a stage show that runs every 20 minutes.  Watch the park’s resident “Mad” scientist work on new creations.

Forbidden Forrest

Enjoy “spooky” tales about the Pumpkins at the Park characters, which include:

  • Jimbo the Pumpkin King
  • Kaos the Prince of Pranks
  • Dr. Frank N Stein, the “Mad” Scientist
  • Grimm the Reaper
  • Rex the park’s friendly T-Rex
  • George the resident gorilla


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