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Summer may be coming to an end, but it’s not over yet.  And there is still plenty of time to have a lot of fun.  And that is where Clementon Park & Splash World come in!

Clementon Park is an amusement park and Splash World is their water park.  It is located in Clementon in Camden County, New Jersey.  It is convenient for those in the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

The park has a lot of fun rides that can be a lot of fun.  I want to tell you about them.  And then I’ll tell you how you can save money with discounted admission!

Clementon Park Attractions


Hellcat is Clementon Park’s popular wooden roller coaster that features zero gravity thrills and a 110-foot plummet.

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire is a thrill ride that as the name implies, is in the shape of an actual ring.  It is a sixty-foot loop thriller where you zip up and over, backward and forward, and you even stop still upside down when you are six stories up!

Flying Pharoah

This Egyptian-themed ride has a Pharoah in the middle and swings that swing around in a circle around the Pharoah.  You’ll love the feeling you’ll get when you’re suspended high above the park in your swing.

Sea Dragon

In this attraction, you and other guests will board a ship that, instead of being in the water, will go up in the air.  The ship goes back and forth in a swinging motion.

King Neptune

The neat thing about King Neptune is it was built entirely over Clementon Lake!  In the ride, your vehicle will take you to the top of the attraction.  Then it plunges into a drop and splash!

Thunder Drop

In this attraction, you and other guests are taken up a 10-story tower.  When you get to the top, you are then dropped at a speed of fifty miles per hour!

C.P. Huntington Railway

Want a really neat way to see the entire park?  Then board this train attraction, which is a great classic steam engine.

Dragon Coaster

True to its name, this is a roller coaster where the vehicle is in the shape of a dragon.  You ride on the back of the dragon as it twists and turns around the track.

Giant Ferris Wheel

The Giant Ferris Wheel is not only a classic ride, but it also gives you a great opportunity to see the theme park from an amazing vantage point of 90 feet up.

Samba Tower

Samba Tower is another great way to get an awesome view of Clementon Park.  In this attraction, you board a balloon vehicle that spins around in a circle.  All the while, you can look down at the park.


This is a classic midway ride that has long been a staple at carnivals and amusement parks.  It’s the one where your car spins one way while other clustered cars spin the other way.

Vintage Carousel

The carousel is another classic ride where you can ride around in a circle on your favorite horse or zebra.


Tilt-A-Whirl is a motion-heavy circular ride.  It has carriages that spin independently of the platform.

The Kite Flyer

This is a 2-passenger lay-down gondola ride where riders can feel like they are actually flying.

Safari Train

Safari Train is a children’s train ride.  Each tram is themed to a different animal (such as an elephant or lion) and kids can choose a tram and then enjoy a fun trip around the tracks.

Formula 3000

Kids can feel like they can drive when they “drive” a vehicle around a track.  There is a nice colorful variety of vehicles, like cars, trucks, and fire engines.

Umbrella & Space Age

Here’s another fun ride where future drivers can feel like they are driving vehicles like miniature automobiles, helicopters, and even space shuttles!

Mini Pirate Ships

This is another attraction where younger guests can feel like they are driving, but this time it is with miniature ships!

Flying Elephants

Children can sit in the pilot seat here while you feel like you’re flying around on a flying elephant!

Splash World Water Park

Splash World is the water park of Clementon Park and it has some great attractions.

Torpedo Rush

Torpedo Rush is a water slide attraction that is sixty feet tall and has two freefall drops.

Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay is Splash World Water’s Park 23,000 square foot wave pool with slides, multiple stories, and a huge dump bucket to get you wet!

Laguna Kahuna

Laguna Kahuna is a 13,000-square-foot water playground.

Shipwreck Bay

Shipwreck Bay is a fun play area for younger guests.  It has six slides, multiple poolsm, and even a pirate ship!

Sky River Rapids

Sky River Rapids is extreme water rafting.  You can get in groups of up to five where you navigate three sets of slides and three gigantic splash pools!


Go down a twisting, turning water slide on a water tube on this fun, thrilling attraction.

Vertical Limit

This is the ride that was made for those of us who are competitive.  There are six lanes of water slides.  So you can race your friends or family down the water slide while you slide side by side!

Lazy River

My personal favorite attraction at a water park.  It is a great way to relax and cool off.

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Please note the park is unavailable on 7/5, 7/11, 8/1, 8/3, 8/8, and 8/10.